How we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom

How we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom

Living on a portion of our income isn’t always easy. But it allows me to stay at home.

This is what is right for OUR family. But it might not be what works for yours.

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Maricela and Sammy’s Hauls says:

It’s hard to stay home but manageable I love it

marshhen says:

Fantastic. I wish every single young couple could watch this video and then have a significant planning session with you.
Have you considered marketing that as part of your business. Seminar for frugal contentment in a young marriage? You could so change some people's lives. Especially young women who are a bit under pressure to be perfect and compete with one another. When I tell me sister that I do not pay for my own haircuts and dont feel like spending money on mani-pedis she looks at me with silent embarassment for me. So frustrating. If only more women knew how contented and happy they could be if they would just put down the instagram and stop living according to what the fashion and beauty industry dictates are normal.

Sandra from Scotland says:

Simple is the best. You make me laugh Lydia 😆

Cindy Leonard says:

I want to cancel cable but am behind and still owe. Should i cancel anyway??? I’m behind on everything and so want to save and cut things but we are behind on everything. Help

Clarissa Hallowell says:

I read Frugalwoods blog and it’s awesome. It’s all about frugality and I have learned a lot and love it. We shop thrift stores and drive older vehicles. We are paying off our house early. So that keeps us focused. I live in Oxford, AL. 🌞😃

Heather Bauer says:

Your stay at home story is very similar to ours! I have been home (work very part time) for 12+ years. Simplicity. Peace. Yes!

Becky Mabry says:

i love your videos and the content! im a "cost effective" stay at home mom too! Cant wait to watch more of your videos!

Sooz3112 says:

I agree with EVERYTHING you say in this video. I've gone from earning a very good salary, climbing the career ladder to becoming a stay-at-home/work-at-home Mummy. A simple life is all that I strive for, I'm not interested in having a brand new car on the driveway, expensive shoes and makeup…I want to be at home for my family, that's what matters the most to me. Not everyone can stay at home, I appreciate that, but if there's sacrifices that you 'can' make, we make them in order to stay at home.x

Rebecca Orange says:

I can't even find a guy that would be willing to let me stay home guys now a days want women to have a job a career and give them kids ugh.

Hermione Galliano says:


Sarah Grace says:

You're a Christian, I can tell! Yay God bless you. I just came across this video and your channel… #Subscribed

Times Of OUR Lives says:

I am a young mom aswell! follow us in our journey! ❤ go sub

momof2 says:

I've been a stay at home Mom for many years, even after my husband passed away. We are very Blessed to be able to stay home with our children. I'm glad God Blessed your and your family with the new job…He knew what you needed 🙂

wl lim says:

recently subscribed
love your ' cost effective' ideas!

juliana Orellana says:

i just watched this video and i already love you youre very funny and optimistic i love it thank you so much for the tips!

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