I Love being a Stay at Home Mom ❤️

I Love being a Stay at Home Mom ❤️

Just an average day in our life, mine as a stay at home mom, Holt’s as a work from home dad, and Eliza as an adorable 19 month toddler!

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Rhonda McSweeney says:

She is taking everything in, loves to learn and be involved. What a cutie pie!

Xhy Llyn says:

Eliza is sooo cuuuttteee… All the exploring she does, what a fine sight 🙂

Lee Ann Moore says:

I so enjoy your family 🤗What is Holts profession? He’s a wonderful hands on Dad!! Have you thought about getting a rescue dog that needs a wonderful home?

kristin hardy says:

Hey ashley! I’ve always wondered what brought you guys down to Florida since you lived there for a bit. Or what would you have named eliza if she were a boy?! Always love your vlogs 🙂

Kim Haynes says:

I love how sweet Holt is with her. She's the best helper.

Amanda Meyer Feltus says:

My questions- when and if will you try for baby 2? How many kids do you all want? How long have you and Holt known each other? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Amanda Meyer Feltus says:

So funny when you tried on the top in goodwill I thought Knox Rose! And then you said that. So cute. I love their stuff. I have more of their clothes than I’d like to admit 😂

Ankit kumar says:

Hi Ashley, I Love The Way when Elisa talks to the camera sometimes, it feel like that she will come out of the screen and I will grab her in my arms she is really cute and I love her. And thank you for pondering on my last comment😄😀😆

Bubo Bubo says:

Was your and holts relationship your first serious relationship? Or did you have previous potential husbands?

Bubo Bubo says:

How did you and holt first meet?

S Kelley says:

How did you and Holt meet? Did you both go to college? Will you always be a stay at home mom? How many kids do u guys want?

Holt & Ashley says:

Let's hear those questions! I've got like 10 wrote down and I hope to do a Q+A next week sometime 🙂

chirarat Kanyaboot says:

My baby is 10 weeks old. Im watching this and thinking how she's going to be like when she is Eliza age. Ashley you're so beautiful no doubt why Eliza is such a beautiful baby. Im a big fan of your fam xx

elise hamilton says:

hiya my daughter is 14months old and loves watching your vids and its a fight to get back my phone😕do you let Eliza watch youtube? lots of love from elise and isabella

elise hamilton says:

hiya my daughter is only 14months old and loves watching ur vids but she doesn't let me habe my phone back without an argument 😣do you let Eliza watch youtube? love you all😆

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