Indian home planner | Indian Stay at home mom schedule | Home management binder

Indian home planner | Indian Stay at home mom schedule | Home management binder

In this video I am sharing with you my Indian home management Binder.Through that I am trying to share an Indian stay at home mom schedule and also how we do a general Indian family weekly scheduleTo make your owm binder, you would need a binder/file, free prinatbles(i took from a website, you can take from anywhere), sharpie/marker pen and page protector sheets to keep the paper in.Managing your home is easier when I have all the family member’s schedule in the same planner and writing down the to-do list helps a lot in actually getting things done.I like to plan our schedules ahead of time which makes life a lot easier.We do our meal planning every 2 weeks and we follow easy and healthy meals on a regular basis.

I have used some of the free printables that I took from a website.
i hope you liked watching the management of home schedules and an Indian SAHM schedule.

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Thank you so much for watching.

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sapna Ramesh says:

good tips .nice video

Smitha Joseph says:

Good idea dear.


thanks dear

Sujata Rath says:

Make the breakfast and lunch list video or link

Snehal Bhangale says:

Candid Homemaking very useful video thnx for sharing.. And one request from my side plz make video related to budget planning and your skin care routine. In adv thank you.

Saranya N says:

It's very helpful. Thank you!

Jilshida C says:

mam..I like ur all videos……its reallyyy hlpfulll…….

sai krishnaa says:

Thanks a lot…. loved the entire concept….. i think this wilk help me to get myself organized

Pooja Nayak says:

Thanks for the wonderful video.. I liked the idea of reusing the sheets rather than printing new each month.. one question, do you use temporary marker or permanent?

bhuvi v says:

Good one ? what is app name that u use for budgeting

Pages And Polish says:

Looks awesome!! Great job dear xx

Divya SivaKumar says:

Very useful one..thank you for sharing..1 doubt.. while using nail remover,the paper didn't get wet??

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