Just Your Average Day Of Working From Home | Vlog | Hannah Gale

Just Your Average Day Of Working From Home | Vlog | Hannah Gale

Um, excuse my baggy t-shirt and spotty cheek please.

Here’s your standard Hannah Gale day, crammed with vet visits, running errands, missed post slips and hours and hours or writing from different positions around the house. Babin’.



Amy Baldwin says:

When I had a parcel delivered to my neighbour, I tried to give him the sorry we missed you slip too. Mega awks. I hope your book writing goes well, I'll definitely read the book when it's published! Your home is looking fabulous by the way, so cosy and fresh! ?

C Hin says:

So cool you're writing a book. I will totally read it when it's published xx

Amy-Louise Curtis says:

that purple/lilac nail varnish u are wearing at the start of the vlog is beautiful what brand and shade is it? Love u Hannah ! xx

Victoria Pease says:

Love it! Kinda love just seeing what you get up to during a typical freelancer (is that the right term? self-employed maybe?) day.

More About Cat says:

Most boring youtube comment I was probably ever post BUT, the perfect runny soft boiled egg secret: get the water to a rolling boil, place an egg in for 3 minutes. If you're doing more than one I'd probably say to add another 30 secs max. Now I really want a soft boiled egg…

Chloe Marie Stuart-Monteith says:

An interesting vlog ??

Positively Plant Based says:

I ❤your vlogs !

Maddie Star says:

if you figure out how to keep a basil plant alive, please blog all your secrets, I have serious kudos for you. I've killed every single one I've ever bought.

lynncrf says:

11:20: Did he say you were beautiful and you told him to shut up? 😀

Pe - ta says:

Aww I love these vlogs! There's something very comforting about watching a home day vlog I think, I'm not sure why! Love those sandals, they are perfect for Barcelona. You'll have an amazing time! Hope you find a great new car soon!! xx

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