LAUNDRY ROUTINE! Stay At Home Mom / Family of Four | Mommy Etc

LAUNDRY ROUTINE! Stay At Home Mom / Family of Four | Mommy Etc

My laundry routine! How I handle the laundry situation for our family of four! How I sort the laundry, different products I use, and my #1 laundry item that I can’t live without! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and click the little bell 🔔so you’ll know when I post new videos! Thanks so much for watching! 💜

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Hi, I’m Jill! Here you’ll find family friendly vlogs about my real life as a stay at home mom of two kids. Madison is six and Chase is one. I started vlogging 📷 as a way to feel like I had someone to talk to when I was home all day long by myself. I really like reading all the comments and talking back and forth with my viewers! Leave me a comment and be my friend! 💜 I’m so glad I started vlogging because I LOVE all the memories I have now to look back on of my kids and our everyday lives.
One day Madison and I made a My Little Pony pool party video because she wanted to and it randomly did really well! 👏 Here it is if you want to see it! She had so much fun doing it that we kept making them, sooo you’ll probably see some MLP videos around here, too! And slime. And shopkins. I hope you enjoy the videos, and hey, if you read ALL this, go leave a comment saying “description crew!” and tell me what your favorite ice cream is! I like chocolate and vanilla swirl with rainbow sprinkles! 🍦

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Marinas Toy Box says:

I have to do laundry everyday to keep up. I still sort.

sue Ewing says:

I sort everything. Great job Jill

Kristi Rebbert says:

Great video! I always like seeing other other moms do chores and such, so this was great. I have the same rug that you keep under the laundry rack, but ours is in our kitchen! Do you do a load of laundry every day, or do you just do it when it needs done or when you have time?

Patricia Droddy says:

I am amazed at everything that you manage to accomplish!! You are an incredible young woman!

Rezena Enendu says:

Also, presorting cuts on time very helpful.

Rezena Enendu says:

get shout sheet it will help so clothes wouldn't bleed. I never wash without them.

Remi says:

Been here for 3 yrs! Love your videos!

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