Life as A Stay At Home Mom Vlog #19

Life as A Stay At Home Mom Vlog #19

I miss you guys.. I just had to put down everything and start vlogging because I miss it so much.. Its one of the things that keeps me happy..
Most likely I will start daily vlogging again.. My channel is growing and I appreciate the love.. Enjoy the video

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I might get copyright for this music.. Because its not mines

These my songs:

Trapp Tarell- Pretty On Purpose

Fantasia- Bittersweet

Migos- Bad and Bougie

Yall Know I love me some music..

Camera– Sony A5000

Editing– iMovie

Ipad Mini 2



Felicia Taylor says:

hey hun im a first time mom. And its a blessing

Nitaya Tishay says:

Please make sure your tilapia does not contain carbon monoxide!! It was a big thing we stopped eating it:) gorgeous family!..

StefJTay says:

@0:500:59– You better get it, honey. Lol!!

Peculiar Royalty says:

New subbie here loved the VLog your family is adorable…you were so calm when your son threw the rocks lol I have to remind myself with my son that you can't get mad at a child for being a child you know.

Queen Ladybug says:

A happy stay at home mom truly is a blessing being there for their family. I remember my mom stayed at home and once I got married and had kids I did the same thing until the kids were older. I was taught when you have a family, the husband provides and the wife take care of keeping the household happy. I loved that my mom was home when I got off the school bus, I would come home smelling food time I hit the door, everything always on point. Women should allow men to take full responsibility and stop letting them treat them as roommates paying half of things …..too much. BRAVO to you and your family, keep doing what you're doing and keep smiling.

Silver Sun Fairy says:

I'm a stay at home mom, too. I love that "Pretty on Purpose" rap. I always wear makeup to go out. If my toes are exposed, I wear polish, I paint my nails often. I dress a up a bit. I like my jeans and sneakers but I don't wear sneakers all the time and I always wear a cute dressy top when I go out even if I'm wearing jeans or jean shorts. I like dresses and skirts during the summer at times, too. During special occasions, I wear dresses or skirts. When I'm around the house, I go without makeup. I'm in tee-shirt, yoga pants, no make-up. So, I like to dress up when I do go out, even if I'm just going to the market, my kids' school, or to the my kids' dentist.

I live in the suburbs like you do, and people generally, don't dress up. I've even seen some parents go to Parent Teacher Conferences in pajamas and workout clothes while the teachers are dressed professionally. A lot of these parents will be dressed like their going to a football game at their kids' dance, band, orchestra recitals, plays, etc. The black parents out here generally don't do that, neither do the Hispanic parents, but mostly everyone else does. I have a few friends from Europe that have told me that they noticed the same thing about the non-black, non-Hispanic super-casual dress in America during special occasions and it's shocking to them because Europeans dress up for special events. I'm from the city. So seeing how people dress down so much for almost everything that isn't a wedding was a culture shock for me.

I hope I don't sound prejudiced. These are just my observations and experiences. The only exception, from my experience, is Italians. They dress up like Black people do.

I think it's especially good for a stay at home mom to dress up. A lot of us will sacrifice everything for our kids, or our aging parents, our spouses, especially our appearance. When you dress well, you feel well. It's important for us black women to take care of ourselves. It's not selfish to take care of yourself.

Sorry for such a long post.

Brittany Henderson says:

Omg I have been waiting for another vlog! Thanks. You look amazing & your daughter's hair is coming along beautiful.

Panal Andov says:

Glad to see all is well with you & your family. ? Also you look gorgeous. looking forward to seeing future uploads. -Alexis

PrettyInPurple says:

aww that bunny was so cute ♥ I have one. They look sweet and innocent but they're bad lol

DashofKayyy says:

I love those glasses and the shirt!! Ok the whole outfit down to the jewelry. The view is peaceful!!!

KreaTiveNaTive73 says:

Omg, Plz…where did u get that BEAUTIFUL metallic Green polish hunny?

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