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rebon faris says:

Stupid online marketing for 12 sales every 24 hours

Somenath Naskar says:

I have a question…
How can i put an affiliate program for my own e-commerce website like amazon…

cygeo dotnet says:

Great Video

Lovely Shopping UK Lovely Shopping says:

Hi guys ,I am an Amazon UK associate and recently I applied to be an Amazon USA associate ,the only thing I am struggling with is that Tax Form for non-us citizen ,I live in UK and I pay taxes in Uk, they are asking for TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) and I don't have such a thing/number in UK,could you please tell me what "Number " or tax information do I need to provide them instead of that TIN ( I know is only for USA )?Do i need to pay taxes in USA if I already pay taxes in UK?Thank you very much and have a nice day!!Cheers!!

Carl Broadbent says:

Great live stream last night Alex. Im having real trouble with hostgator they keep blocking my site due to over CPU usage even though i have caching installed and wp optimise in stalled but they keep saying the will block the account until its optimised. Any advice?

Betty K says:

Hi kindly do a tutorial on creating a deal site with kingdom and woo commerce. I can only find one vid and its not clear enough. Thanks.

River Roni says:

I have a question about themes. if anyne can help me please reply. 🙂 
I want a theme and both beautiful for a photography and kids design stuff… I am a photographer and am gonna make a site thats mine with my own work and I hope to become an affiliate and add links and recommend products and photo gear.  when I search for artist themes i get beautiful stuff but I don't know if it affiliate friendly. for all the woo commerce plugins and stuff. I don't even know what woo is! and I know plugins are also pricey! so what theme do I go for? I want to start already but I'm lost… as all the good themes are pricey…

thefurmanuk says:

I have Divi which I found slow, I was thinking of moving to Astra pro and adding elementor pro, any experience with these?

thefurmanuk says:

I have a blog where I mentioned a few deals and posted amazon links. I specifically posted the low price I got, would that be grounds for a ban?

Mattias says:

Great stream, Thanks a lot!
Question: Would you go for a keyword where The Sweethome and other gigants rank highest but their article is not exact match to the query?
Example: "Best vacuum cleaner for dog hairs" and The Sweethome ranks #1 with their article "Best vacuum cleaner".
I possibly could write an article that is more specific about the use for dog hairs than they are, but will I ever outrank them?

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