Live WordPress & Affiliate Marketing Q&A with WP EAGLE

Live WordPress & Affiliate Marketing Q&A with WP EAGLE

Live Q&A session with Alex from WP EAGLE. Happy to talk about anything WordPress or Affiliate marketing related..

Here’s the chat log:

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Will Hull says:

I have a lot of content on both of my sites, and but for some reason I am averaging less than 30 hits/day for my Windy Pinwheel and near 10 for Baby Cures. Do you have any advice for increasing traffic to the site without an ad buy or guest posting on other sites?

Marcin Naumuk says:

You doing great work, you inspired me to create still a lot to do but page already paying off. Thank You

Brandon Clawges says:

Hi. Your tutorials are great. My internet went down on me when I asked my question but is there a video I can watch that shows how to add products from numerous sites or other sites aside from Amazon. Amazon seems simple but is the process the same with other affiliate sites?

Green engineer says:

you said 8 pm

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