Living Well Planner Review

Living Well Planner Review

With so many amazing planners on the market it's hard to know which to choose! Here's my Living Well Planner review with details and honest thoughts.I’ve always been a planner type of girl. There’s nothing I’ve found more satisfying than writing out a to-do list and scheduling dates with an actual pen and paper.

I’ve tried apps. I’ve tried Google Calendar. But….to no avail. I need to physically write out what I plan to do or it doesn’t stick.

Over the last several years I’ve used a TON of different planners. Most of the planners were just generic types found at K-Mart or Staples. They weren’t anything fancy but they got the job done. Then, last year, my Mom got me an Erin Condren Life Planner and I LOVED it.

As I started coming toward the end of my planner’s life I decided that I’d splurge on another nice planner. I just didn’t know which one to choose! I went back and forth a zillion times between my beloved Erin Condren Life Planner and the Living Well Planner.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Living Well Planner last month. Here’s what I think so far.

The Living Well Planner Review

After ordering the planner it ended up taking around 10 days to get here but it was definitely worth the wait!

The living well planner.

This planner has a calendar layout for each month (everything is undated) and then has time block schedules for the week. It also has project planning, monthly budget sheets, and goal sheets for the year and month.

When I first decided to go with this option I wasn’t sure that I’d like the extra pages that came with it or the time blocked weeks – especially since I have a 7 month old and a very unpredictable routine. But I’ve actually found almost ALL of the pages to be very beneficial.

I think this planner can work well for both, the person struggling to get one solid task a day accomplished, and the person who likes to thoroughly map out each day.

How I Use the Planner and Overview of the Pages

I am currently in a stage where I can work in 5-20 minute chunks of time. Not exactly at the peak of my productivity game. I’m 100% in need of a place to be able to record all the must-do’s of each area of life in one place. This is why I think the planner has worked out great so far.

Here’s how I’ve been using the various sections.

Goals Sections of Living Well Planner

Goals Sections – At the beginning of each month there’s a section to record your top three goals for the month and then a breakdown of goals in different areas. I don’t always have a goal for every area of my life so I just record my top 1-2.

On the subsequent page you can break down a big goal using the Crush It method, which I’ve yet to do. (I probably won’t ever end up using this particular page but it could be helpful for some.)

Calendar – The calendar sections are just used to record an overview of the month’s appointments and activities.

Living Well Planner Weekly Plans

Weekly Pages – The weekly pages are time-blocked. I just record any commitments in the applicable time slot. In the section underneath I write down the dinner menu for the week. There’s a notes section on the side which I use to record anything extra I need from the grocery store for the week.

Monthly Budget – I prefer paper and pen type budgets (although I’ve been dabbling with the Mint App lately) so, thus far I’ve been using the household budget section.

Thoughts & Thanks and Notes – The last two pages in each monthly section are for Thoughts & Thanks and then a page for notes.

Living Well Planner Project Planning

Project Planning Pages – I’ve been using these for work related tasks. At first I thought this would be an unused portion of the planner but the layout works great for keeping track of the things that I HAVE to do and also the things I’d like to get done.

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What Else I Got

I also go the to-do list sticky note tablet – which I love.

A year ago, when I had the ability to get everything that I wanted done in a day, I may not have loved it as much. But right now I love how this little tablet helps me create a to-do list with one particular thing in mind.

It also has a spot for Must-Do’s, Should-Do’s, and Would Like to Do’s – perfect for anyone who is super busy and needs to track priorities.

Overall Thoughts on The Living Well Planner

I give it five stars ?

While I loved my Erin Condren planner I like the functionality of this one even more. As an added bonus it’s super cute which always makes planners a bit more fun.

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