Make $100 a Day Selling on eBay for Stay at Home Moms

Make $100 a Day Selling on eBay for Stay at Home Moms

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This channel is dedicated to helping others to make money online. Over the last 5 years I have been learning and sharing with thousands of people how to make money online, earn an extra income stream, and create a life of freedom and happiness. I look forward to connecting with you on the channel!


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The Bare's says:

Hey Steve, I'm a stay at home dad and been doing Ebay during the day and been doing great at it.

Aaron Kluge says:

What about stay at home dad's?

big_drift_thift says:

Offense title alert.

Claribel Vicent says:

That is me!!

Julie Green says:

Awesome video. Thank you Steve. Any video you have I try to share with friends who can relate to it

Timothy Thomas says:

Rakin is trying to break into Susan B Wells playground. Susan Wells Facebook page is called Stay At Home Moms Selling On Ebay

Daria Ivanova says:

I’m a staying at home mom! My baby is almost two now. Originally I’m from Russia, now living in Los Angeles 😊 thank you for your video!

Bryan Guerra says:

Great advice man! Poshmark has been great for selling clothes too! Especially women’s. Never tried to push them on eBay, but maybe I’ll list a couple 🧥👍

ceoptimist says:

Took about a year to get to over 1000 listings but now 100.00+ per day is normal. A great way for all homebodies to make great money. Get the kids involved and it is so much fun! I am a stay at home senior with mobility issues and eBay has been great for me!

Lisa Knecht says:

I've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel. I've been doing ebay as a hobby since 2006…mostly vintage. I've been doing some thirifting after watching you and want to up my game and treat this more seriously. Thank you for all your great videos.

Tonya L says:

Thanks for all your videos. Found your channel recently. Stay at home mom here. Starting selling on eBay a few months. Excited to learn more and more and grow my business. 🙂

Charlene Ferguson says:

Great A Jeaf Of Time Advice!!!…especially about USPS's shipping labels, ECT!!

JDK says:

<Stay at home Grandpa

Jay Bell says:

With all respect not only single moms need money lol

soccjock7434 says:

LMAO! You made me laugh when you were talking about searching through women's clothing at a Goodwill. I'm a guy, and I sell men and women's clothing. And when I first started, I use to feel weird about looking through women's clothing too,. Then I started learning more and more about what sells, and that awkwardness went away once I saw how much profit there was in it. Besides, women are half of the population, and if you're only selling to one gender, you're missing out on half of the market.

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