Message to Stay-At-Home-Moms – Appeal for Purity

Message to Stay-At-Home-Moms – Appeal for Purity

For those of you, my lovely English speaking followers, this is pretty much what I am saying in this video:
The message is to stay-at-home-moms:
Make sure you draw your strength and comfort from God; and to do that, you need to keep your relationship with the Holy Spirit and the word of God.
By you staying home with your kids, you are saving your whole family things that money can’t buy things such as peace, joy and sense of well-being and you also save your marriage.
When people ask you what you’re doing, don’t say, “Nothing! I’m just staying home.”
Instead say, with full confidence, “I am raising the next generation!” Don’t let anyone speak down on your role as a stay-at-home-mom.
When your kids come to you and say, “Mom, so and so’s mother has a job. If you work, we will have more money and we will be able to buy bigger house and nice cars,” take that as a God-given opportunity to speak eternal truth into your kids’ soul. Don’t think they are little kids. If they can speak and hear, start speaking the truth about marriage, the benefit of mothers raising their kids and more.
Be effective and productive as a stay-at-home mom. Read! Read! Read! Yes, strive to read and study your Bible; read different commentaries. Read also books written by spiritual authors. I personally love to read books which talk about the season of life I am in. So, when I was raising my three kids, while I was breastfeeding and doing diaper and whatnot, I read books written by Dr. James Dobson, bringing up boys or bringing up girls and more. In that way, I learn as I walk through it.
And save your motherhood from being stolen by social media. I can only imagine what it would be like to raise my three kids if I was raising them now. Yes, the pressure is tense! So, be very careful! Social media can steal your joy and peace and it can actually steal you from your kids.
Build healthy relationship with other like-minded mothers who you can pray with and fellowship. ///



Rahel Shimakit says:

Yetebarksh tsega bezet yebelelsh sewedesh eko

mihiret yemane says:

Omg!! This message is for me! Ooo jesus ! God bless u meski

chuchu yhanis says:

Bexam naw yemiwodsh kanchi buzu neger Temiryalhu Tebareki

Raheel Richo says:

endat eko endemewedesh

Eyesus yadinal Yitadegal says:

Betam des yemil yemigerem meliket new mesik yetebarekeshi set neshi

Jesus Saves says:

Thank You, It means a lot to us! Continue to be bold and telling the truth with love. I am a male and I listen to it carefully.

Shalom Kegeta says:

ዋው ተባረኪልኝ ! ታውቂያለሽ እናቴ አሁን በዚህ ምድር የለችም የለችም ነገር ግን አብረን በኖርንበት ጊዜ እናቴ ሰራተኛ ነበረች ግን ከትምህርት ስመጣ ቤት በማገኛት ጊዜ የሚሰማኝ የነበረውን ደስታ በፍፁም አልረሳውም እናቴ የምትገርም ሴት ነበረች በቤት በውጪ የሚገርም ሰፊ ልብ የነበራት ሴት ነበረች ለአባቴ ለእኛ ለጎረቤት ለስራዋ ለጓደኞችዋና ለቀረባት ሰው ሁሉ የምትገርም መካሪ ነበረች የሚገርምሽ በጣም ብዙ የተማርኩባት ድንቅ እናት ነበረች ! እና እኔም ታማኝነቷ ትእግስቷና ምክሯ ሰው መውደዷ አዛኝነቷ ውስጤ ነው!

meraf hassen says:


Amen GG says:

Hey Missy, when are you gonna release the video of the interview you had on Helen Show? I really would love to see it.

Bethlem Gerawork says:

Thank you meskiye. It's very important for us !! It's means a lot to me woww amazing !!God bless you 🙏 you made my day 👏

Zewditu Redi says:

Meskey tebark yewstan semat new tharn

hiwotina26 says:

Tebareki Meskieye. It always amazes me the area that you touch. Very unique that is not preached upon. Indeed you are inspired by the Holy spirit! This is the fruit of your prayer on ur small carpet while taking care of ur kids. I wish I at least worked 20hrs and be with my kids of 5,3,1 yr

Sisay Wolde says:


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