Morning Cleaning Routine | Stay at Home Mom

Morning Cleaning Routine | Stay at Home Mom

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Items mentioned:
Mrs Meyers Dish soap apple cider
Mrs Meyers Multi surface spray in lavender
Seventh Generation Wipes
Method Steel for Real cleaner
Method Daily Granite Cleaner
Scrub brush

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Jessica Mabrey says:

Team no coffee table! 🙂 i haven't had one in almost 2 years. We decided not to replace it after a bad redo (i attempted to put coffee on the surface of it with epoxy….fail!) because I was pregnant with #2 and we knew it would just go in the garage for at least 2 years to avoid bumped heads and climbing on. I think we're going to wait for #3 to be conceived, birthed, and 2 before we buy one!

baibaixoxo says:

Oh my gosh I HATE putting away silverware!!! Like so bad. I unload the dishwasher every morning, too. It's so annoying lol.

BLD 5227 says:

Where did you buy your living room area rug?

Jilly Beans says:

You and Meg are my favs!

Jasmine says:

This was so calming ????

Ariana N. says:

Great motivation for me to clean!


Caroline Skaggs says:

Can you do a home tour and tell us where you got everything? Thanks!!

Stephanie Carter says:

Unloading the dishwasher is by far the worst chore!! I would prefer laundry any day!

Meg Hoop says:

Love your videos, and wish it would rain like that here!!

Carla Mackenzie says:

Most of the time I wash my dishes by hand, but when I use the dishwasher I end up letting my dishes sit in there for days before I put them away ? I agree, it's not fun lol, that and laundry lol

Morgan Kirtley says:

Where’s your dinning chairs from?

Leslie Langford says:

I have never tried those cleaning products but EVERYONE on you tube uses them, where can I get both of those brands? Are they anti-bacterial?

Anglmill says:

Those Seventh Gen wipes DO have a weird smell! I switched to the GreenWorks ones, and they work just as well but smell much better. (Bonus, they are compostable, so I feel less wasteful, too!)

The Super Trio says:

? longest 30 seconds I love how your routine looks so relaxing

Lindsay Pockevich says:

Love grove collaborative!!! I don’t have a dishwasher… I hate washing the dishes ????

Lourdes says:

Does the mrs Meyers cleaning product leave streaks on the wood? I've been having such a hard time finding a good natural wood cleaner for my dining room table. ? #help

Melissa says:

Could you do a grocery haul video at some point please ?

Christiana Whitaker says:

so gorgeous!! Cutest baby bump! I also love all the Mrs.Meyers cleaners. I also use method from target. I feel like it's the safest option with two babies around!

Tamela D says:

Haha I feel the same way about silverware.

LA Page Makeup says:

How do you like the method steel for real cleaner on appliances? I don’t have a steel sink but was curious if it would be better than my traditional cleansers for my appliances. Thanks! 🙂

Kimberly Kendall says:

I'm so jealous of how laid back your morning routine is!! Lol usually I'm unloading the dishwasher while my toddler is trying to climb inside of it ? you totally rock the mom life ❤️

Plan with Ana says:

I also had to gave up on my coffee table due to my toddler climbing skills ? Also, my living room decor consists on Fisher Price pieces… ? Awesome video! Really wanna try the e-cloth! ?

Monique Gravely says:

Your little belly is so cute ?

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