My LAST DAY as a STAY AT HOME MOM?!? | beingmommywithstyle

My LAST DAY as a STAY AT HOME MOM?!? | beingmommywithstyle

It’s been a wild and crazy journey on YouTube the past 5 years and I’ve taken you along for it all, and now we are moving on to the next phase… after 7 years of staying at home with the kids and now that they are back in school – it’s time for me to go back to work! I will still be filming YouTube videos, and I talk a little bit in my announcement how I see that transition going – but today’s video is my LAST day as a stay at home mom! (And also Halloween!)

Going back to work announcement:

Filmed October 31, 2017

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Southern Mommy of Three says:

Try colourpop ultra matte or blotted lip they will stay in place and not transfer on your teeth and stuff. Plus they're super affordable. The red looks great on you though! I hope the transition goes smoothly and I hope everything is OK with the car!

SillyMando2008 says:

This is so sad ?

California Mom says:

Red lipstick looks nice on you ? really pretty

Mama to Four says:

Can’t imagine what a big transition this is for you! I hope it all went smoothly ? What kind of job do you have?

Kimmy F says:

I have 2 questions for you…1) how are the girls adjusting to you working? 2) I know your husbands job can move from state to state, would your job be able to do the same or would you just have to quit should he get moved?

Barb Stormo says:

I loved seeing your mother in law in her costume! It was to cold to sit outside and hand out candy this year! Hope your job is going well…

Cindy says:

You're an amazing Mom Di, and the girls are such sweet good girls who are flexible, proved with the moves…..I think the transition will all work out great!

Jessica 10 says:

Love the red on you!

LearningAsWeGrow says:

Proud of you making the best choice for your family and excited to watch your transition to this new "season" of your life. You will be great at this. Just look at your track record ?.

Lauren Lamberson says:

Are you sad going to back to work? I'm thinking about it. My child is only 2 and I'm scared I'm going to miss her so much. Advice?

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