MY MARCH GOALS : $45,000+ (Dropshipping, Personal Brand, Affiliate Marketing)

MY MARCH GOALS : $45,000+ (Dropshipping, Personal Brand, Affiliate Marketing)

In this video I talk about how I plan on making $45k+ on March with Dropshipping, Personal Brand and Affiliate Marketing



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In this channel I won’t only be posting about how to succeed in dropshipping but in multiple income monsters such as affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Forex and i’ll be showing the online entrepreneur lifestyle, creating a unique channel that shows the viewers what could be achieved with online businesses.

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Rafael Verde says:

Great content, i’m also from Miami and you age. Keep it up. Just one question bro, approximately how many products do you do per store? Also would love to link up in man. We both have similar goals.

JMan007 says:

Yo on the real I've been watching all your videos and your always the type of person I enjoy to watch as far as shopify content is concerned. You inspire and motivate me to do better. Keep up the good work! And I wish I had the time to visit you when you come to nyc. Wish I can move back to Miramar.

aDDi says:

Where are u from?

AyyJoel says:

You Sebas, do you use Instagram influencers when starting out?

Eric Choi says:

My March goals:
– wake up at 5:14 AM 5 times a week
– take 2 cold showers a day 6 times a week
– continue to upload every single day
– post at least once a day on my supreme account

Hope I can achieve these goals!

Eric Choi says:

Thank you for breaking down the numbers! Hope you achieve your goals, and good luck brotha!!

SheWantzClouty- says:

What is personal brand ?

Cylexor says:

Hi Sebas Bedoya! Is there any tips or advice you would give to me as a graphic designer to improve my drop shipping career? Also do you have any advice that you would have found useful when starting out? Thanks man and for helping me out, if you ever needed a favor in regards to graphics I will definitely help you out bro!

Tom Ludlow says:

Is this $25,000 in profit or sales?

Bane Madzar says: please visit my store and get 10 off with with code bb10

Abzal Haniff says:

Hey can you review my store. I would like to know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong, Thanks.

Entrepreneur Talk says:

I’ve got similar goals but September that I turn 23

Dean Toma says:

Must be a great product πŸ€”

MaxAmaSity says:

those 7 dislikes are people who arent dreaming big enough

MariaB says:

Where are you based out of……..Miami?

jonathan zeldon says:

good shit my nigga

CaseyBDT says:

Can I pay you to set up a store for me? I have the products I want to sell it's just getting a professional to design the web store with the right features isn't something I have very much time to spend on. I could handle the marketing. Just a possibility. Name me a price?

Davian Richards says:

Dream Big Never Quit πŸ—ΌπŸš’πŸŒ†πŸŒƒπŸŒ‡πŸŒ

Brian Gutierrez says:

I’ll buy the phone off of you if you do decide to sell it

Hypebeasteric says:

Good stuff Sebastian, aim you arrowsπŸ“ˆ

Brian Gutierrez says:

Upload daily πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’―πŸ’―

Andrew Monheim says:

You're killing it broπŸ”₯ my goals is 500 subs by end of month!

Alex Fedorov says:

First, great goals!

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