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LaTrenda L. Lawson says:

I loved this video Cara!. People think stay at homes do nothing! 😂😂😂 I’m like this is a whole JOB kids need care 24/7! My job has no breaks or vacation time. Lol. But it’s legit the best job in the world!.. side bar Ima have to try out that oatmeal muffin prep idea!

Minesha Coleman says:

hey Cara, love youuuu☺️💓

MayaG Styles says:

Hey girly just a small tip when you do your concealer get like a shade darker or put your face powder underneath so it won’t have like a white dry look but you are so beautiful and I loved everything else I’m a makeup artist so I just love to help! Love y’all 💛💛

Quiona Edwards says:

People have no idea how much is involved in being a SAHM. It’s a job that never ends. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though!!

Kimberly Clark says:

I'm a stay at home mom also. I get that silly question too. Like kids just care for themselves 🤦but I love your videos. Keep em coming ❤️

Marissa Rock says:

Love ur vlogs and videos, even enjoyed this even though I don’t have a kid and not a SAHM. I’m sure you’re always busy . Love n hugs ❤️😘❄️⛄️💙😘. You SAHM Rock!!! My number one product would have to be foundation

Sylvia Tyre says:

You are a beautiful young lady with a beautiful personality. Keep up the good work.

Laquasha Gordon says:

I am a stay at home mom as well and it’s definitely not boring. Most of the time I am overwhelmed but I love it! 💓

Ikeya Hersey says:

Hi I just want to say i am not a Mom or wife. But I love your channel and you inspire me to do better. Thank you Cara!

L says:

You’re so lucky to have clear skin!!

Diana Brown says:

I rush myself all the time my husband thinks it’s hilarious

Alea Ford says:

This is interesting! Definitely couldn’t do it! I commend all SAHMommas! You all rock!

Mecca Walker says:

I don't have children yet and I was a stay at home wife for 8 months and I loved it ! I kept busy and i'd rather do it then go back to work. This role has it's perks and cons but you definitely have to know if you're cut out for it

Yolanda Johnson-Williams says:

Definitely going to make that muffin for my daughter. I love the simple realistic makeup routine

12MangoTango34 says:

Wait, RG’s walking??!😭😩

Brittany Kelly says:

Girl, I literally can’t stand when people ask me “what do you do all day”. Sis, I have 3 small children, so what don’t I do is the real question lol!!!!! Thanks for sharing your day

Motherofkings xoxoxo says:

I do the same thing for my makeup ! Love your videos let’s stay connected us stay at home moms have to stick together baby !! Beautiful family

Saved One says:

This is right on time
just finished my binge on your videos! Love youuu 😍💕

Cierra Necole says:

Great routine I really enjoyed the concept! Being a stay at home mom is super FAR from boring lol esp with a little one .

baby mac says:

Hey love ya'll

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