This was a rough day but we got through it. Motherhood is hard but we are all in this together. Thanks so much for watching.

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel! I am a mama of 2 girls and I talk about a variety of different things from pregnancy to motherhood and if any of you have anything you’d like me to film leave me a comment and I’d be more than happy to!




Mia Powell says:

Ur doing such a great job raising two Little ones ! Where did u get ur cutting boards ?

Brooke C says:

Such a great video! Love your honesty

Anastasia Lebedeva says:

You are doing GREAT! I don’t know how you have energy by the end of the day to edit your videos. I have a 2 year old and a 1 month old, and but the time they are in bed— I’m so done with my day 😩

Cathy Peluso says:

All I can say is that u r the sweetest person n so humble n it’s really ok to loose ur temper with the kids it happenes just take a deep breath we all have bad days love u guys see u next time xoxo

Mrs Newbhero says:

in my robe all day everyday, i only leave the house when i need to get food or go to an appointment.. my life everyday 😐

McKenzie S says:

So precious. Your family is so beautiful❤️

Noor Allami says:

Please what the name of the game

Elara T says:

Sometimes pj days are just needed..

FJ xoxo says:

how do you look so perfect after 3-4 hours of sleep?! lol jealous

Kristen Gylling says:

I love your vlogs so much!!! I'm not a mommy but I can tell how hard it must be sometimes. You're doing great from what I can tell 😊😊Btw, you're so gorgeous and remind me of Lauren Conrad!

Aimee Fauzi says:

Yep tommee tippees all the way… my babies love them.. or Avent is good too but Tommee is far more affordable here..

Lauren Mantovani says:

It’s tough being a mama but you’re doing great! I have a two year old boy and a 4 month old girl. And I swear as soon as she turned 4 months her sleep became awful. The 4 month sleep regression is no joke! She used to sleep 10 hrs through the night and was such a great napper. Now she doesn’t nap and wakes up multiple times at night. I swear she’s teething and she just started rolling over so she does not like when she ends up on her belly

Jehan Said says:

Watching these videos makes my life seem more normal! haha – Mamas unite! 😉 Hope you guys feel better soon Loves!

Marisa says:

I’m not a mom yet, but I LOVE watching your channel. You’re so real with us, and you’re such an inspiration to me. Keep doing what you’re doing momma, your family is beautiful. ✨💕

The Mascara Maven says:

Guurrrrlll! You’re amazing! Don’t you worry about a single thing. Those girls love their pretty momma and the love you have for them is amazing too. Keep on doing you. Cause you are fabulous! 😘😘😘

Lis Nuraini says:

Hay my name is Rany i am from Jakarta Indonesia I like your family

LindzVH says:

I have 3 kids, ages 10 and 6 year old twins. Trust me, 3 is worse than 2. But age 4 is a BLAST! 🙂 So don't worry, it gets better.

Megan Blackburn says:

This winter has been the worst for us too! We’ve never been this sick. 😣 I’m assuming since my oldest is in school now that’s where he gets it and brings it home. It’s awful with 2 little ones! ❤️

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