Pick Your Shift + No SALES! EASY Part Time Work From Home Job! Perfect For Stay At Home Moms!

Pick Your Shift + No SALES! EASY Part Time Work From Home Job! Perfect For Stay At Home Moms!

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I forgot to say you must work a minimum of 20 hours per week.
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bawest4 says:

Hi i just wanted to say I used to work for this company and it is a very good job to start with in the work at home field. I was there for almost two years. Yes it does not pay much but they always have plenty of hours. The support staff is great someone is always there to help you if you get stuck or do not know what to do. They have the greatest chat support I have ever worked with and there are most of the time more than 20 hrs.If you don't get board easy or care about a verbatim script because you have a script for every client and will be saying the same thing over and over again this company and job is the place to be.

Lala M says:

Does anyone know if other headsets can be put into AGPtek telephone headsets? I prefer two ear sets as opposed to one ear but if I have to settle, its cool.

Tiffany Anderson says:

are they still hiring

Chuggeez _ says:

Thank you very much for your informative video, Lasean! Do you know if the landline has to be a dedicated landline, how that works, or how we can find out that info before going through the application process?

Michael Salazar says:

I applied. I'm in the Background check phase. I know the job requires a landline, what's a good and cheap company to get a landline with? I know I also need a headset, Will any headset work?. I'm waiting to see if I get the job to get the landline and headset.

Michael Salazar says:

Hi, I would like to see your independent contractor video, but I couldn't find it ☹️

Michael Salazar says:

I'm going to apply for this job. Do they provide the headset?

TheKirby25 says:

#tfs this work from home job opportunity.. I just applied and hope I hear back from them…This would give me experience in the field I plan to enter…

jhonnie b says:

Looking like a snack u go girl!!!!

nikkinik26 says:

Sounds like an easy one! Tfs

Ameerah Abdullah says:

I just applied, praying it comes thru for me !!

Ashley L says:

I just received an at home job and I am very grateful

Keisha M says:

Thanks for sharing!

Dee Luther says:


Dee Luther says:

????U Looking soo damn KutE????
?have a Great DaY❤

K love says:

Can u work from VA??

PrettyPrincess Lisa says:

This sounds interesting I tried working from home but just too many distractions TFS

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