Promote This On Bing NOT THIS Affiliate Marketing

Promote This On Bing NOT THIS Affiliate Marketing

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Showing a few offers to promote! I get this question quite a bit!
Thanks for tuning in!



Shannon Taukamo says:

Hey Anthony Awesome advice bro, I watched your last case study for Bing Ads and have been taking action, I would like to just say "as a new comer to affiliate Marketing" It has been very time consuming in regards to following all the steps, especially when your just getting started out, signing up for networks and hosting, implementing all the integrations and waiting for them to propagate and setting up campaigns can be a lot of work. So I'd just like to say Bro "I Take my hat off for you Brother" Very Clear to understand and implement all the steps that you provide, and same as Brandon Lukaszewski, when I tie up this first campaign Ill be keen to get some coaching.

micah cooper says:

thanks so many opinions great that your looking into this am hooked with most of the afflicates and is a jorney to find which one to pic …….good vid keep it comings

SiXiS4 says:

Reading the title like 3 times . Wut mate .hah but vid made it clear

Cristian Marquez says:

Another dope video man. I'm using your bing tips too

Mark Pereira says:

Great video! I've had the same experiences with jobs and surveys.

Brandon Lukaszewski says:

I've set up a campaign on bing with BeMob tracking via direct linking. however I did already create a blog style advertorial on the vertical to later try out once I get the campaign profitable. I'll keep you updated 🙂

eadekolu says:

Are those last two on maxbounty?

Johnnyblaze Tv says:

I was sending the offer for job search. But yeah there was no luck with them. Thanks for your video. 👌

José Javier says:

great video, very much 100% mentorship quality advice. Cheers Anthony!

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