Today I am sharing the pros and cons of being a stay at home mom. Being a stay at home mom can be great but challenging at the same time. I hope you guys enjoy this video of positive and negative things about being a stay at home mom.

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Jazmin Goodwin says:

Yes do a video on what was cut and how you managed.

Sylvia Lazalde says:

I'm new to ur channel. Yes could you please do a financial budget, it will be very interesting. Questions, what is your husband's occupation ? Do you move a lot? Looking at your past videos, u lived in California, Washington, California, Arizona etc. Maybe you can do a video on the above. I love hearing some of ypur personal stories. My daughter is a brain cancer survivor, she's a very powerful lady, nothing stops her. I love her dearly. Have yourself a happy day. Hope to see all of the above. Oh and you don't even look 35yrs of age.

Eva y Jorge Garcia says:

Personally, all I can say is till this date (something I can't change) is I totally regret working full time while my kids were younger, I'm a stay at home since 2009 when my kids were just going to be teens, i don't agree with leaving teenagers all by themselves after school while both parents are at work so I totally appreciate all the changes and sacrifices we all have to do for me to stay at home and thankful for a supportive husband, my respect for full time hard worker women is hard, teenagers need us that's when they get more in trouble and need us. Good Job ?? on being stay at home mom…

lindseys lifeNstyle says:

Omg I relate to all of this!! It's really nice hearing it from another sahm because something's I think is it just me or am I the only one feeling this way. Lol ?

Natalie g says:

Yes I totally agree with you on everything! My twins are 3 yrs old and I have a 9 yr old I've always worked up until my was 8 months pregnant with my twins and and they are starting preschool this year and I'm so excited to get 4hrs every morning to myself or run some errands by myself!!!

Erica Henson says:

I have two kiddies, and worked for 4 years. I finally was able to stay home about 1.5 years ago and I love it! Next year both will be in school… my husband asked me the other day "Sooooo, are you going back to work once the kids are in school?" And I'm like "Nooooooo." ? and he says "okay, you don't have to, just wondering." I was like "Yaaaaassssssss!!!" I never saw myself as a SAHM but now that I am, it's what I wanna do.

Amy Tomik says:

Yasss, yasss, yasss to it all!!! Lol.

Katie Beach-Roth says:

I'm currently a nanny so I get some of the sahm benefits. My son gets to come with me during summer break, whenever school is out, when he is sick, and I can even pick him up after school. This opportunity is temporary (I'm sure I'll be back in the mental health field before I know it) but I consider myself very lucky to get all this time with my 8 year old ❤

PrincessBella says:

So true!!!!!! I have a 10 years old boy, 4 years old girl and a 4 months old ?? girl. So do you start YouTube to make some money??!!

Beautifully Created says:

I love being a sahm. I think one other con is having people come up to you asking if your going to start working now that the kids will be in school. I get that every year.

Thrifty Navy Wife says:

Yes! SAHM of 4 for the past 11 years, I can totally relate. A supportive husband is key, I'm so thankful my hubby and I both agree that this is what we need to do for the time being. Great video!

Barb Stormo says:

I stayed home with my kids too! Very hard job…very happy I did it!

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