Q & A get to know me: Stay at home mom Confessions

Q & A get to know me: Stay at home mom Confessions

Come and get to know Jady A. here she shares intimate confessions of a stay at home mom. Come see the behind the scenes Jady.

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selvi malar says:

My daughter 9 yr old, she doesn't have interest in studying, hw to improve her studies pls tel some ideas

selvi malar says:

Hi just nw notice ur video, very nice, thank u so much dear jady

Mary Weikel says:

I LOVE this!

L Rose says:

I love your videos! You encourage me to improve my parenting skills.
I agree with you on girls night out. I have no desire to go out. There were times I have tried to go out but all I would think about is being home with my family. I have lost "friends" that didn't understand why I didn't want to go out with them. We also get together with other families and do child friendly events.

Alma Hernandez says:

im trying to change my way of handling bad situation.i did the mistake of yelling and spanking
my youngest is growing up thinking she can do same..how do i start ?
im patients just sometimes i snap
i just want this household to be different any advice

maphiaLu says:

I love that you guys are a catholic family πŸ™‚ have the girls ever attended catechesis of the good shepherd? Or do they do a different style of faith formation?

Cosas de Nosotros says:

You are sooo sweet! Love your channel. I have a 2 and a half year old, Aaron, and my little family of 3 are a one income family. I love being home with my little one, but right now I feel like I need to go to work to help with the income. Do you have a Monthly budget? Do you have an advice for one income families?

Denia Diaz says:

I love your videos! I would like to know how you plan your month?

Christine Were says:

great video!

Ajanthi Wijayasekera says:

Really enjoyed this video…Please make these types videos and day in a life videos πŸ™‚

Ivy Arellano says:

Love your videos! It's helped me a lot and encouraged me as well when I doubted myself because others didn't think I should stay home but I felt the same way as you. How do you decide what's going to be on the menu and how far in advance? Also, do you get like stalkers etc? I've seen a lot of people having to hide certain info etc

ayshia cunningham says:

Jady I love ur videos u have encouraged me and made things seem so simple! I have a so turning 5 in Sept and twin girls turning 2 in July. I am home schooling them but it is HARD. My husband works crazy long hours and I'm pretty much doing it all alone. my son was so much easier to start than the girls. but I find that I neglectful him for running after the twins. I'm kinda stuck. do I have an email address where I don't have to spill my life in your comments? I just want to explain my situation better and c if u have any suggestions! Please respond!! I would REALLY appreciate support!

Bridgette Mathis says:

I've watched you all these years! Hope your channel continues to grow!

I have 2 ?'s
What would you recommend for a single mom who has to work (grandma watches the kids) that still would like to "homeschool" preschool to her children?

Do you have a biblical curriculum for your girls?

Thank you!

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