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Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel! I am a mama of 2 girls and I talk about a variety of different things from pregnancy to motherhood and if any of you have anything you’d like me to film leave me a comment and I’d be more than happy to!




Dr Dray says:

That was so nice of that man to tell you that. Your sheet pan meal looks good! Happy Friday 💖

J & S Family says:

Baby girls are so adorable!

Flipside Of The Moon says:

Hahaha watch my DITL’s and you’ll know whether or not you want 3 😂😉

Flipside Of The Moon says:

Hahaha watch my DITL’s and you’ll know whether or not you want 3 🤣

Flipside Of The Moon says:

Hahaha watch my DITL’s and you’ll know whether or not you want 3 🤣

Anz 08 says:

Love these vlogs 💞 so fun to watch!

Daisy Rodriguez says:

You have a beautiful home all the outfit that u try on for us it looks so cute when u the girls look so cute and beautiful when they are together hope u amd your family have a great weekend love u guys ao much!!!😘😘🌸🌸

London Paris says:

I personally do not want three kids, I want two girls and that’s it. I read once that two girls is the most harmonious family combination 😀. Three kids just becomes awkward, the parents are outnumbered, one kid is always left out like at amusement parks rides etc., there’s a middle child and if you have two of the same gender ppl just assume you’re having a third to get the opposite gender (which sometimes isn’t true). To each their own these are just my views.

Love Whitney Kay says:

You’re a great mom so it will come naturally. 💕 I have seven and just had my last baby two weeks ago and I promise you it gets easier.

Marissa Thomas says:

Awwwwwee bailey at the end was the cutest ❤❤❤😍

Dani Huschke says:

I just can't with Shays tiny shoes! The cutest 😍

Shreya Pandey says:

Bailey was so cute…. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Fun Cooking and More says:

Poor Shay. 4 molars at the same time must be painful

Aiko Wood says:

I don’t think I’ve seen you wear house clothes nor the girls lol. Do you guys always go somewhere?

Style Mom XO says:

I have the small pink and grey cups, plates and bowls lol. They come in that light pink, grey, navy and a mint. At least my target has those colors.

Larissa Mendieta says:

Love when you show us what you're cooking!

mikky851 says:

It’s amazing how much your decision to react in a situation like that can affect the other person. Instead of giving you a bad look or mumbling something under his breathe he chose to give you a little pep talk and encourage you. Need more people like that in the world!

lindsey robbins says:

What extensions do you us?? In the market for some new ones.

Sue Yourteasgoodsue says:

You’re an awesome mom doing a very beautiful job! I would definitely wait for Baylee to go to school if you plan on number 3 ! I have three girls and it helped a lot with the newborn when they are at school during the day as bad as that sounds 🤣😂🤣

Lucia Hernandez says:

That is so nice of the old man usually people just give me dirty looks if my baby is having a melt down in public love your channel 💜💜💜

Madison Krawczyk says:

I LOVE your vlogs and your family! ❤ I would love to see you do a video on some cute fall outfit ideas for the girls and how you discipline Baylee! 😘

Bethany Gish Fitness says:

Aww Baileys giggle at the end 😍 that was so sweet of that man in Target…it always makes my day when strangers take the time to be compassionate or encouraging cause mom life can be ROUGH 😩

Amelia Cruz says:

Girlll!!! You better go sign a modeling contract in Paris! ❤❤❤❤

Norma Chavez says:

Everything looks so cute on you💕

Christine Kroll says:


Harleen Kaur says:

Are the clothes from thrift store new or used ? Just wanted to know as I never shopped from a thrift store.

Holly Miner says:

Baylee at the end! 😂😂❤️

Caroline Pierce says:

Loved the long vlog! One of my favorite parts of the vlogs is where you show what you make for dinner so it gives me more ideas!

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