Ryan Deiss’ Keynote From ASW19 – “Affiliate Marketing Is Getting Harder! & The 3 Solutions”

Ryan Deiss’ Keynote From ASW19 – “Affiliate Marketing Is Getting Harder! & The 3 Solutions”

Learn the key takeaways from Ryan Deiss’ keynote speech at Affiliate Summit West. “Affilite Marketing Is Getting More Difficult & The 3 Required Solutions”

According to Ryan Deiss in his keynote speech, there are three main reasons why affiliate marketing is getting more difficult.

First, there is more competition than ever before. Second, the cost for traffic is continuing to increase. Third, sales funnels are not working as well as they used to… Conversion rates are down.

He started by documenting through his business and their data how clear this picture is. Long running funnels that had been converting very well for years are stopping to work.

Ad costs are going up drastically because Facebook is experiencing a shortage of inventory and has been since late 2017.

In his business he has implemented three specific strategies to overcome this increasing challenge in the world of affiliate marketing.

Now, I go into great depth into each of these in the video above… But I will cover them here for a recap

Strategy number one: identify high value segments! using a binary question in the opt in field he was able to separate out his most valuable clients from everyone else and in the first month of figuring this out it generated over $110,000 in additional revenue.

Strategy number two: Answer specific questions! this will not only give you great content for the search engines but it can create highly engaged content for you on social media.

Strategy number three: talk to your prospects! Ryan sees chat bots as the future but he is very clear in saying that a chat bot is designed to filter people not to close people!

if you have not seen my other updates from affiliate Summit West, I covered Neil Patel’s keynote here in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJRoaqc8Iow

I also covered the entire influence marketing conference track in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yDnWAchbB0

Leveraging chat bots to handle the initial inquiries while having that chat passed off to a human when it reaches a certain phase in the actual conversation with the big key to getting chat bots to work correct for you



Lisa LaMagna says:

Thank you. I made the mistake of creating content for where I am which is too advanced. And I was on a Zoom call with a group of potential customers, and they were asking me “what’s the difference between a click and a lead.” That was a big wake up call. I am going back to answering, as you say, questions for people going from step 1 to step 2, not from step 9 to step 10. Thank you Miles!

schumzy says:

I don't like Ryan Deiss' products, but respect him as a marketer. He runs a tight ship there.

Simone Pietro Felice says:

Interesting as always Miles! When someone tries to catch my attention on Instagram with a bot (as they try to sell something) they push me even further away from their profile. The way those automatic messages are written is terrible: it makes them so “cold and robotic/fake/bland”. Bots are cool when you can’t tell whether the message is automatic or intentionally typed by a human. 🙂

Fabian Knopf says:

Miles is to fast to me! What a rocket! 🙂

Heritage Wealth Planning says:

Miles! The man on YouTube!

ALi The Prodigy says:

Fantastic video, Miles! I like the bit about the chatbot, I can see why it would be SUPER helpful.

Sidenote, the site I'm working on is ALMOST complete. That Thrive plugin is NICE man.

Richa Prasad says:

Thanks Miles! Some questions:
1. The 1 closed question at opt-in to segment subscribers so I can talk appropriately to them makes total sense. Have you ever tested having 1-3 question quiz to do this segmentation on your homepage? My site gets a lot of organic traffic from our Google Business registration which shows up for queries ranging from "weight loss" to "intermittent fasting weight loss" to "accountability weight loss" (all of which we do handle) and as you mentioned at the 5:00 mark, I want to talk to them at where they are at.

2. Collecting questions from Quora makes a lot of sense. I will of-course post my answer to Quora too but I was wondering if you have used Quora for your other health-related business with your wife, and if it's been equally effective as when doing it for your affiliate marketing business? I ask because my sense is that Quora has a very strong tech and business focused audience (who of-course may also have health questions) but I wonder how well it coverts outside of tech and business areas.

3. I do know the Saastr person. I agree – he does a great job "owning" the entrepreneurship and funding questions on Quora. I saw him so many times on my Quora digest that I started looking him up. If you do end up studying him, would love to see a video of your findings 🙂

Mister Region says:

A friend recommended your channel , great stuff. I’ve studied marketing for a while, just haven’t jumped in. Looking forward to what you share with us. 🎩

Harrington Golf Academy says:

#7-91-18-6 #SPIDERFARMER

A Healthier Dog says:

Great message. An Australian dentist was miserable until he eliminated patients who did not take care of their teeth and whittled down his patients to those he liked working with – his perfect audience. Since those usually came in more often for maintenance, he found little loss in income, but he was much happier.
I hope you will do a video of polite and effective use of chat bots for communication.

Ibukun Soyoye says:

Great information from this video. Loved the strategy that involves segmenting into individual and agency. Thanks

Builderallsoft says:

Great insight. Thanks for sharing next level moves in Affiliate Marketing for 2019. Very timely Miles and much appreciated. Cheers

Martin Hamilton says:

The radio button is available in the Active Campaign forms but I wish Thrive had them. Those binary questions are so valuable. Thanks for sharing this value Miles!

Wealthy Degree says:

You are such an inspiration and you definitely deserve more subscribers. Please keep up the good work!

Sourabh Singh says:

You are true soul sir, I follow you to get to success. You are real guru.

eservicesplus1 says:

Great information- thanks

Turnedupfitness says:

Man I love how the info goes along with my thoughts with fitness also how you are willing to evolve

just a little boy from Africa says:

Hey miles so psyched to be the first to watch this video. BIGGGG FAN…..keep up the good work.You're really influencing a lot of people's lives in a huge way.Also could you please do a video on how you get such low cost per clicks on facebook?

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