Self care tips for stay at home moms

Self care tips for stay at home moms

Self care tips for stay at home moms
Yes, being home with my kids is a joy and a blessing, but there are times when I feel completely worn out and run down.
It’s not all play dates and tea parties!
Being a stay at home mom can stretch you in ways that are really challenging, so developing healthy habits is key if you want to keep your sanity.

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Live Love Life says:

Lol your first tip is so true. To be honest I’m the type of person that has to keep things in order in my house. Making my bed did the exact same thing for me that it did for you. It just makes me feel more together and whole and this same feeling continues the more I clean up around my house. Cleaning up around the house, in a sense, is kind of like cleaning the clutter inside of your mind so it’s a win win hehe 😊

Lischelle Jones says:

im not a stay at home mom.. heck i dont have kids.. lol i dont even have a hubby yet… lolol im single as hell.. but this is what i want to do with my life and im manifesting that itll happen soon.. so thanks for helping me to prepare

Naomi O'Brien says:

Yes! Get dressed!

Karen R. Kelley says:

Thank you for this video! I'm draaaained lately! So easy to overlook your own needs! Xo

Roberta W. Becher says:

I needed this! I like your content ❤️

Emma R. Crystal says:

Great video.. can totally relate and agree to everything you said! I really enjoy your videos!☺️

Mildred R. Holt says:

Loved this! 💕

Vanessa T. Campagna says:

can u do a draw my life. i understand if u cant as i kno. they can b difficult

Chana C. Evans says:

Awesome as always!

AJ lewis says:

Thanks for sharing these tips Lydia, my girlfriend loves your channel 🙂

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