Shit Stay at Home Moms Say

Shit Stay at Home Moms Say

Shit Stay at Home Moms Say

A Molly Nina Production. Written by Leslie Bosscher & Sarah Cavanaugh. Directed/Produced by Meg Rutledge. Featuring Leslie Bosscher and Sarah Cavanaugh (and Winston the Dog). Find more rants from Leslie Bosscher – and more funny stuff from Sarah Cavanaugh at



crys macdowall says:


Devin says:

I'm dead 😂

Shyanna Hayes says:

I liked Natural Mama's video of "sh*t crunchy mamas say" it was in good fun and seemed less bitchy.

Aaron Lopez says:

this is the stupidest shit I have ever seen . why don't we support one another as mothers instead of putting one another down. this is just sad

CaliJo951 says:

93 months. hahahahahahah

Jess Ess says:

This is terrible, I watched hoping that it would redeem itself… Nope!

Lisa S says:

Literally had to pause this half-way through… because I was laughing too hard! Funniest thing I've seen in a loooong time. Thanks for the giggles.

Sara O'Neill says:

wow this is offensive. some parts are funny but I wouldn't subscribe to watch more.

Gla Dos says:

Omfg! 😂😂😂

Raeann Giles says:

Love this! Check out some of my videos on recipes, DIYS and travel for moms and kids!

cheerfulyank says:

Hahahaha! I would LOVE to see the outtakes on this. Also I'm due with #3 in June, should I pack a Michael Bolton CD? 😉

Usagiru says:

Im a stay at home mom and I'm crying at how funny this is. Sadly I can pick out a few lines that I agree with and the rest were just so good. Love this video!

MsSassyMT says:


brittany_plustwo says:

Im a SAHM of two and I literally say none of this…I think your thinking of crunchy moms…

Rebecca Blue says:

a bit offensive but funny XD

RayFeelus says:

Shit Moms Say is tops of the Shits and what they say. *stay at home Moms* natural Moms, mediocre Moms. ahhhhaaa ahhaa

heartaches27 says:

lol that was funny but the best part was that she called it a "ghetto blaster" lmao

Carrie Hunt says:

OMG that was funny and I'm hard to amuse! I'm a SAHM, starting homeschool in the fall but my kids have done 2 years in public school and I was up there all the time. "Oh, you don't need me today?" (Hmm guess I'll go home and watch real housewives lol!) And I always say "You're making mommy nervous!" Y'all are too funny 🙂

ShaysLovelyFace says:

This was hilarious! I have been a SAHM and a working mom and I always laugh when SAHM complain about some of this stuff, it seriously isn't that difficult lol

Amanda Leitch-Lee says:

I love this! I am also a West Michigan mom. Do you have a FB page.

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