Shopify Product Research Method for $1,000/Day or MORE!

Shopify Product Research Method for $1,000/Day or MORE!

In this video, Kevin David reveals one of his Shopify product research methods for dropshipping beginners in 2018. Kevin David aka “ThatLifestyleNinja” is an established Dropshipping and Amazon FBA expert who mentors thousands of students today.

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Shopify Dropshipping in 2018 is a great opportunity for beginners looking to work from home and make money online with relatively little upfront investment. Kevin David and I strongly believe that dropshipping with Shopify is a beautiful business model for beginners who are looking for a business model that is quickly scalable without requiring thousands of dollars of capital like Amazon FBA.




Daniel singer says:

I found 2 winning dropshipping products this month that made me over $2000 each, best tool for me has been dropship spy – great tool which gives you lists of winning products and upcoming promising products <a href="">Dropship Spy</a> – give it a try, the results speak for themselves

Michael Moff says:

biggie smalls is the illest. MIND SET.

Stephen Miller says:

I really like what you guys are doing. I'm only 2 weeks in and doing a $500 3 day workshop and all they pushed was a done-for-you program for 20k+ which they were helping people get credit lines to do rather than teach us the necessary skills. I've know about dropshipping for maybe 7 years and didn't take it serious. Keep doing these videos and know you have a new subscriber and word of mouth in me!

Christopher Rogers says:

Yo Kevin and Odi …. question: are you making a website for every product? … niche? please elaborate, Cheers, CR

Johnny E says:

Is there a way to use this method for review affiliate sites?

Syed Sultan says:

I am 16 years old planning to open Shopify store and your like my teacher because u provided valuable content thank u for that

Jeff Dante says:

Shopify Product Research.
Video 3!!!

Michael Hellmann says:

I want to start selling but i need some input. Are you supposed to sell a bunch of different items on one store or do they all need to be related in some type of way. Like for example, is it wise to sell a watch and then a coffee mug on the same store? They aren't related in any way

N R E E N S says:

Hi firstly thanks for the amazing content!!! This might be a stupid question but I’m a newbie…I’m really interested in getting a Shopify store going but I’m a bit worried since I’m not from any of the countries that use Shopify Payments…would this negatively impact my sales?

Elexis Arnold says:

So dope!! Thanks guys

just wells says:

Is it necessary to buy the products first or only buy on fulfillment is a better technique?

Issac says:

This video was extremely insightful. Actual behind the scenes videos are the most useful videos. Its one thing to hear about it but to see it done is a completely different thing.

Mel hooprah says:

Annnnnd should be a 3min video

nescafepapi Brownsuperman says:

ISTG I've never seen a video talking about VIEW RECORDS BUTTON. Never knew it existed!! GREAT GREAT VFALUE

Daryn Plummer says:

Shopify product research

tytus kalfas says:

Tell me something i don’t understand why somebody should buy this items on your website insted of buing on aliexpress so much cheeper??

Cyprus Vines says:

Thank you so much for your content !

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