Shopify vs. Affiliate Marketing: Fastest Way To First $1000 Per Month Online?

Shopify vs. Affiliate Marketing: Fastest Way To First $1000 Per Month Online?

Today’s video I compare Shopify Drop shipping vs. affiliate marketing… the differences… and which is the fastest way to get to your first $1000/m online. FREE Shopify Trial:
FREE Affiliate marketing guide:

Personally, I am a big fan of both models, but Affiliate Marketing is definitely my first love. I’m going to be combining the best of both models for even better results.



AnointedFighter17 says:

I think I'll try affiliate marketing before I consider shopify if I consider it at all.

Tiempo Total says:

Your intro music seems like spongebob

Homero Esquer says:

Finaly some one tells it like it is!!!

Vixx Adams says:

I just cut out the middleman and ship on Aliexpress

Timothy L. says:

Both Shopify Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are great ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a lot easier though as you don't need to fulfill orders like you do in drop shipping, just focus on marketing. The most important aspect for success long-term in both dropshipping and affiliate marketing is building a brand and getting people to trust your business. With a brand you can promote affiliate products and drop shipping products and people will want to buy from you.

Marian Alca says:

Great perspective, Dan! Can't wait the following episodes. I wish you a good start with the new store.

SKYNews Daily says:

Affiliate vs Shopify
Round 1, Fight!

eric mwangi says:

Low startup, low risk, less technical, less maintainance, less precision required, Affiliate marketing may atke longer than shopify to make that $1000 per month, but when it does, it's superb. I would do affiliate anytime.

bkbkool says:

Building my first Shopify store as we speak. Send me your good thoughts, please. Love your affiliate material.

TOP of TOP says:

Note: if someone has the ability to invest money on shopify, and facebook ads it had better for him to invest that money on building and promoting an affiliate niche site because that also work quickly, if he is a super thorough in content producing, it has more chances to work, when you are sending traffic to amazon or to an other similar site, there will be more chances to get conversion than sending them to your unknown store. yes I've said unknown because no one of those people you've targeted know even a small idea about your site.
of course you'll get orders but it will take you a lot of time to get profitable business ( I mean in the first month you can invest 80% or more of your profit the get mastering fbADS targeting techniques, and fulling your pixl with a lot of real functioning data) but it can be better for people who have enough budget and time learn more about e-commerce techniques…

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