Shopping On One Income! Gestational Diabetes!? Stay At Home Mom Life!

Shopping On One Income! Gestational Diabetes!? Stay At Home Mom Life!


libbypiotrzkowski says:

I have type 2 diabetes and just had my 4th baby. Diabetes during pregnancy is hard and can make big babies, but it can be done! Hope your results come back normal 🙂

Marlee M says:

Love Costco I get the organic chicken breasts and divide it into individual freezer bags and freeze.

Spruha Sanghavi says:

Hey Lindsay, You gotta watch out sometimes Costco increases prices and puts them on sale and you as the customer won't even realize that. Also, frozen strawberries are a better bet for the winter because strawberries are $10 for 2lb at Costco and in the other season you get them for 2 or 3 dollars.

Rach says:

Oh my word!! The fig bars are outstanding!! Just enough sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fantastic with a cup of hot coffee!!!

Rach says:

Hey girlie. Black out your credit card. There were a ton of areas that could’ve been stopped where you’d have a clear shot of your card numbers.
Super dangerous!!
God bless!!

Lauren Ashley Vlogs says:

Looove Costco!!! It’s my fav place ever haha

Alissa Terry says:

What lipstick do you use? It’s so pretty on you!

aMomma&HerMinis says:

uuugh groceries are so dang expensive! i need a costco near me!!! PS yay to 19k !!!

Mommy Vlogs says:

Last time I looked you had 17K subscribers. Now you have over 19K!!! Great job!!

Erica Wilson says:

I 💗 Costco! I hope everything turns out good with your glucose test! I had to go back and do the second glucose test because my was elevated and I ended up have the gestional diabetes. I did have to check my blood surger 3 times a day and watch what I ate. The most frustrating part was since i gained 60 pounds with my son and I was so small they induced me 2 weeks ealry because they said my son would be 10 pounds. And labored for 10 hrs and ended up with a c-section and he was only 7pounds 4oz. But in the end healthy mom and baby thats all that matters 💗

Danielle Sharp says:

LOVE IT! Thank you for doing this <3

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