Should My Wife Quit Her Job And Be A Stay At Home Mom?

Should My Wife Quit Her Job And Be A Stay At Home Mom?

Should My Wife Quit Her Job And Be A Stay At Home Mom?

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ominous450 says:

Does she want to have a career or does she want to be a full stay at home? Sure, she can re-enter the workforce later down the road but the chances of her rebuilding her CAREER are slim. There’s a difference b/w a job and a career.

Jason Phillips says:

This caller seems to be very sensible. They don’t have no debt besides the 50k left on their home. Being that he’s been the breadwinner for a while, I hope he saved up money for himself and signed a prenup to protect himself. It’s a proven fact that WOMEN CANNOT BE TRUSTED and she might run up debt and cheat while being a stay at home mom.

Mona Garza says:

My husband always says there is no point of leaving our kids parentless. I love being a stay at home mom, and I appreciate my husband for giving me the chance to be. A lot of men want woman to work, or some women have no choice. But me, personally love being a stay at home. Is definitely a job, a full time. It's what I was wired to be. I rather be with my kids than anywhere else.

Terrie Smith says:

Stay at home mom and stay at home dad are being SHAMED in our current society. And it's sad.

If you can afford for one parent to be a stay at home parent, then it's actually the best route for the family.

A stay at home parent who actually RAISED their kids, and not foster them off to strangers to be abused or sexually touch, and on top of that you pay them good money to let them do it too.

If you watched FreeDomainRadio show here on YouTube, he has states on why kids should have a parent who stays at home. Kids benefit the most with a loving parent who actually raise them after poping them out.

Your kids is your future. Otherwise, why are you working so hard for???
If you raised your kids well, they will grow into a balance adults (emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

It's the parents who don't have time to raise their own kids that is the problem. These type of parents don't have the right to release their unbalanced, emotionally unstable kids out into society. You have no right to endanger society like that. Why do you think we have so many messed up people in our society??

It all starts in the home. So for those that like to SHAME stay at home mom or stay at home dad, you're the problem. And I've seen alot of you on Dave's comment section. Always shaming stay at home mom.

Btw…if atleast one parent can't afford to stay home to raise your child, then it's not a good idea to pop one out. Its best not to bring an innocent child into the world if you can't afford that basic right. The child never asked to be born. You're doing your child a disservice, in this case.

NeoAndersonReloaded says:

Stay at home and watch a few kids. U can make 24k under the table.

Dalton Balboa says:

Man I wish stay at home dads weren't shamed so much. I'd love to do that.

yamamancha says:

You need to be careful about helping her make sure she maintains connections to her industry, stays updated in her field, and has a plan about reentering the work market.
You can avoid this situation by treating her career/childcare plans just like you'd used Dave's baby steps to get out of debt.
Outline goals, assign priority, maintain accountability, and communicate with each other.

Otherwise, when she faces the wall of rejection that initially hits people who've been out of the workplace for a while, she'll come to resent you for her frustrations.
Many a marriage has failed because of this situation.

linkmiles1235 says:

You got to listen to Bill Burr about stay at home moms.

Jason Hatfield says:

Having one parent stay home can definitely be helpful. It doesn't make sense in all situations though. If both mom and dad are earning high incomes, you can't blame people for wanting to work and hire a nanny. it's a personal choice. Don't push your beliefs on everyone else. That's what your ego is telling you to do.

Deteria says:

Depends on the opportunity cost. If the spouse can make good money, then it's a higher more opportunity cost to stay at home. Also the longer you are out of the workforce the harder it is to get back in. The struggles of raising a newborn is mostly in the early years. Once the child goes off to school, it's not nearly as bad / dependent on a stay-at-home spouse. See if the opportunity cost of working vs hiring a baby sitter makes sense. Another solution is to live near family, where the child's grandparents can watch kids too.

Things to take into account. If the spouse doesn't work, then you need to also take retirement savings for them into account. Your single income won't go far in life.

Diane Stanislowski says:

Motherhood in the home IS a job:) it is a full-time, fulfilling, wonderful job. Our family does so well with it.

INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment says:

Just because you’re a stay at home mom doesn’t mean you can’t work. A lot of stay at home moms start their own business from home and make a decent living 👌

Sheryl _ says:

Your children are the biggest & most important investments you’ll ever make, they’re also where you’ll get your biggest returns❤️

The Pointers says:

She could also do something from home while she is a stay at home mom. Business boutique could encourage her in that.

Jay Ritchie says:

At last – a sensible person calling Dave. A couple of years out then she goes back and they clear the mortgage. Wish them all the best.

Annie Anderson says:

That would be good for the children morals and IQ. I would think of it as an long term investment.

krninja22 says:

Hope you signed that prenup.

Rebekah Pentecost says:

Hey if me and my husband can live on 40,000 with him just working than you guys can live on 80,000. Spending this time with your children is a special time and she will love it but he's right she will want to go back to work once the child is in school

MGTOW Economist says:

Then when she divorces you she can take most of your money.

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