Simply Organized Planner by a Stay-at-Home Mom of 9

Simply Organized Planner by a Stay-at-Home Mom of 9

This video is an introduction to the new printable planner for sale on my blog.

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Mills Family
P.O. Box 323
Moorcroft, Wyoming 82721



Andrea Mills says:

Purchase the planner here:

Eve M says:

Alot of husband's use planner's also does Tom? Especially men who have a business. Tyfs

UlmanRule says:

Wow this is awesome i would use this! Except i would call it my brain:) i have a note book and i run around saying where is my brain! My children get a kick out of it:)

Life is Good says:

Can you do a plan with me video? TFS.

Morgan Meredith says:

It was so kind of you to recognize that not everyone celebrates the same holidays! Not many people would do that!

Carrie Chodzin says:

Love it!!! I got your label maker for Christmas- best gift ever!!! I’ve been relabeling everything in my classroom. Now all my fonts match 🙌🏼

Jacqueline Klerks says:

Purchased can't wait to print

Smily blessings says:

Im a stay at home mom of 6 so glad you brought this up❤

snowmanluv says:

Wish I would have known this system when my kids were little. Incredible.

the Daily Connoisseur says:

Yay, Andrea! I just purchased my planner. So excited for this. Thank you so much! Jennifer xx


This planner looks just about perfect for me! Except my personal preference is to have Saturday and Sunday both clustered together at the end of the week. I wonder if most people must prefer it the other way?

Lynn wilson says:

I left you a note on your Facebook page about an idea for the planner👍🏻 I am a planner nut… I love everything about it! Your planner is designed to be very simplistic yet very effective. I love your ideas and all the extras that you’ve added to it! I will be purchasing one! Thanks for all the thoughts that you put into it I’m for sharing it with us.💕

Cass Simm says:

Purchased! I'M SO EXCITED!

Erin Kimmel says:

Love this! Andrea, I have a question about managing time and to-do lists with unexpected interruptions. I'm not talking kids asking questions but more big things where you have to cancel the day's plans (sickness is a good example)…I get migraines so I can't tell when they're going to interrupt my day until it happens. I am fortunate to have "functional" migraines meaning that I can get through the really necessary stuff but I will definitely need to rest and skip anything on my general to-do list. I find myself avoiding even planning to do the things that would get pushed off if it ends up being a migraine day. I love how you make things you want to do into a routine but I have this mind block about doing that because I might need to cancel it so I just think I will do it on the fly when it fits in but then it never gets done! How do you handle sickness or things that keep you from doing the things you plan?

Leigh Ann Mauk says:

The planner looks fantastic !

Donna Norris says:

Is that sewing fabric on the shelves behind you? Do you quilt? Or sew clothing for your family?? Or both? (& home decor?)

Cass Simm says:

How exciting!
Thank you leaving out the holidays. There are lot's of American holidays that we don't celebrate in Aus 🙂

Donna Norris says:

If you were to drop & lose that binder ~ the first thing an HONEST person would do is to try to PHONE the owner!!

Instead of putting a PO BOX mailing address in the front (to identify the owner of the Binder) you SHOULD put your cell phone number with your name so they could call you & you could arrange to meet them in a public place/ location somewhere (like the outside entrance to Walmart or Costco or McDonald’s or wherever is nearby between you & them, so they don’t have to drive too far to meet you with it!). Don’t give them your house address.

It would get returned back to DAYS & DAYS SOONER than before they could “snail mail” it back to you!!

sophrona wright says:

This is amazing! You are amazing! Have you always been this organized? What do you do with the planner at the end of the year? Keep or toss. This would be so helpful for our family of 9. 🙂 have a great day.

Becky Trowbridge says:

Andrea, thank you so very much!!!

jen jen says:

Got my confirmation email will print in the morning 👍🏼

Donna Norris says:

“Magic??” 😳??

Susan Culpepper says:

So excited for this! Thanks so much!

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