Start Your Own Business with just $1500 Down at Dollar Store Services

Start Your Own Business with just $1500 Down at Dollar Store Services

Dollar Store Services helps small business owners with financing, real estate, merchandise and store operation. We can get you into the business you’ve always wanted. Call today!

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Right now is the best time to start a dollar store as the majority of shoppers are seeking the best possible value for their budgets. Shoppers have migrated from the large grocery chains for everything other than perishable items like milk, meat and eggs. Dollar stores sit in prime position to provide great everyday items such as national brand cleaning products such as bathroom and kitchen cleaners, personal grooming items like soap, hair products and many other personal items. In a recent Supermarket News survey one respondent reported that “Dollar stores are capturing paper products and cleaning products away from supermarkets, especially in small markets.” Snack and food items are also extremely popular at the dollar price point. Balloons, toys, holiday decorations, reading glasses and other popular ancillary items are also a large factor in the popularity of dollar stores.

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I'm very interested in opening a dollar store but my credit score is in the 5 hundreds can you still help me and my wife start up we get roughly 1500 monthly..but motivated to build it up and be successful business owner and to make it a family business?

Timmy Brown says:

how much was ur personel check for the year ? 34000 or $36,000.00

Louann Randall says:

I want to open aDollar store for years but never knew how to go about it

Jonathan coleman says:

I always wanted to have my own dollar store business can you guys help me how old do you have to be i'm 21

Amy Welch says:

wondering if this is available in canada

ojo Christiana says:

i heard most of the stores are forced to close down because they couldn't maintain the fund to sustain the business. is this true

Tbiaes Jones says:

Is it worth it to open a store

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