Start Your Own Tax Business

Start Your Own Tax Business

A step-by-step approach to entering the Tax Preparation Business.



Luck Benny Toussaint says:

before i become an LLM im working as a tax preparer for 9 years

Aliyah Spears says:

Thank You! for this helpful video. Can I conduct the entire process from home via electronic transfer of forms between myself and the client; e.g. Link from Inuit ProSeries? Are you suggesting an office is not needed because i would invite the public into my home?

Sandy Monterroza says:

Thank you so much for your video very helpfull

Stanely Chiliza says:

i have N PO that is helping our senior citizens in the communities you can do some thing about that so that you can know the manager of this N G O. you can donate if you want

Ali Stiner says:

Really good video thanks

Cruise International says:

Lots of useful information. Opportunity for Tax Businesses. Double your clients in one season. Gift clients with Free Vacation Passes. Cost you as little as $2 worth $299 plus to your client. No timeshares. No presentation. No Gimmicks. 954-655-2945. Just another way to grow your home based business. Interesting Post.

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