Starting Affiliate Marketing From Scratch NO MONEY TO START (Part 1)

Starting Affiliate Marketing From Scratch NO MONEY TO START (Part 1)

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D4C07 says:

You should Skype him in like a week or something for him to show his progress with that offer

Anthony Pietrobono says:

This is awesome. I'm learning a lot here. Thanks guys.

Cody Deforest says:

Just want to make a quick note, if you are a Chinese citizen living in mainland China you CANNOT do affiliate marketing using facebook or youtube or any other website you are currently using a VPN to see. IF you do, you will likely need to set up an over seas bank account BUT, I wouldn't recommend that either since if the CCP finds out, you will likely be prosecuted and possibly executed like many of the officials that Xi Jin Ping prosecuted after the panama paper release…. Cant think of any other countries…. but if you have to use a VPN to see the web pages because your country blocks them DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chester Van Ree says:

So I'm thinking of taking your course and being from europe i guess i will try, however what kind of budget is the minimum requirement for your course and a single product I should invest in (on average). Amazon will probably charge quite a fee as well So before i'm taking this course I kind of wanna know how much I would have to invest to get things started, to know if it's worth it or if I should invest in something else (like a garage box or smth)

Asaan says:

Tanner, ever thought of a tank top Shopify store? Monsters & whiteboards merch would be dope.

MR AIR says:

I'm 14 And I Want To Start Selling On Amazon Do You Think This Is Possible?

Drew Friesl says:

Can you go into more detail of how to grow Facebook group?

Braeden Stradeski says:

Hey tanner, I'm new here and was wondering how to get started either with the affiliate marketing or selling on amazon but I'm not quite sure how to bring the Chinese product that I find for less and bring it over to amazon

Nortex Newberry says:

can you show the difference between creating a page and group on facebook?

Elvis Del Rio says:

7:30 you guys already got him drinking white monsters ?

Matheus Sena says:

hello tanner , sorry for the question , but i´m new here, what is the diference in between two courses from description?

Stay At The Top says:

Hey, Tanner i have a quick question so for an affiliate link once i sign up for amazons affiliate marketing which i have do i just copy and paste the link in any of my youtube videos and make a comment talking about why you should buy it and a video on it or is it more than just a link, like can i literally just post this link on the youtube comment section and if someone buys i get a percent?

Troxah Elite says:

Could I start selling on Amazon at 16? Or do I have to be 18

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