Stay at Home Mom Confessions: Storytime – Why I Started My Channel l AmandaMuse

Stay at Home Mom Confessions: Storytime – Why I Started My Channel l AmandaMuse

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For today’s #MONDAYLIVE let’s take it down memory lane for a story time video. I share with you why I started my channel, and who I find myself speaking to when I make videos. Those early lonely days f motherhood. I also share how I find happiness in being a stay at home mom, along with now finding a way to balance motherhood, work and life. Thanks for watching xo AmandaMuse

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AmandaMuse says:

I'll be linking up my first ever video soon! Just doing the bedtime routine, and once the kids are in bed I'll be back!

Noemi Villaval says:

I think every stage in life brings good and bad things. I'm 32 not married and no children and sometimes is hard to be successful and happy when people spect you to get married. And I do but right now I'm in a different path. I think we need to be happy in whatever stage in life we are in.

Leanne Miller says:

Right… Come on then. Share your first ever video please!
You are the first person I found on YouTube, is love to see your first! xx

Miyuiki Story says:

Missed the live stream. I been subscribe to you since before you got pregnant with jack. I totally understand not having friends as in japan I totally feel lost in japan. I get lonely also sometimes I lash out on my husband because he goes out to work and I really have no one to connect with. You are my inspiration on making YouTube videos even though I have only 50 views per videos.

Living Even Keeled says:

You taught me how to baby wear and makeup wear; you were my online escape and my current inspiration. I'm proud of your success, your journey, and your confidence. Thank you for staying up late learnin' the computer 😉

jamil111ish says:

amen!  Literally took the words out of my mouth!

sarah friedrich says:

ohhh i love u amanda?????

GrowingUPLewis says:

In TEARS ! Im a stay at home mom to 2 (3 and 5 months) and my husband is deployed I am beyond lonely and youtube has become my outlet .. both watching and creating. Ive been watching you since Jack was a baby and just love your content and how relatable you are !

It's Ivana says:

I just started my lifestyle youtube channel after years and years of watching. I wanted to start sooner but I was in highschool and afraid of people's opinions and I had some not very pleasant people in class who real loved to put people down just to feel cool and better. Today I'm regretting that I let others stopped me in what I loved cause I was feeling so lonely and bit like alien and I feel like that would have helped.

Thank you for sharing your story, you actually give me some courage to go for what I love and have passion in.

Jenny Leon says:

Awesome video all true

LovedHappy says:

Haha I can relate to this so much except I am earlier in my journey! ? I stared watching YouTube when I was pregnant as well and making videos when my daughter Ellia was 6 months old. Now I'm a little over a year in and 24 weeks pregnant with #2. I loved hearing your story. Also so funny, Esme is up on our list for names ? thank you for sharing your beautiful heart.?

Nathalia Smit says:

This was so beautiful!! ???

Rachael Moore says:

I really needed this today. Thank you Amanda. Especially the part about not having time for those kind of negative people and giving out a good vibe yourself. Look forward to the birth story. It's amazing how it is still so vivid when I think of my own. Also amazing hair colour, makes me want to go blonde!

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