Stay at home mom full day family vlog | We perants find it difficult to tolerate!

Stay at home mom full day family vlog | We perants find it difficult to tolerate!

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diana sugg says:


diana sugg says:

I m from india I really love this type of video love u dear u are sooooooooooooo fantastic

Juliet Chika says:

Favour,as I watch, I can't help but laugh so hard because some of the things your kids are same with mine..You are serious mum through Christmas that strengthens you.☺

Nehjay Franklin says:

I really love the way u make ur kids to our lord jesus

Tnb Bmight says:

Weldon ma,,,, wonderful mom!!!!

Abiodun kemisola says:

Favor said ""camera look at me "" πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ kids ehn, I love seeing your kids, they are amazing. Well done, u are an inspiration. Please can you make a video of potato recipe, like different recipes (ways) of preparing potato. Thanks. I tried one of your bread and egg breakfast style, I love it.

Busy Mom's Block says:

I love your videos ….

Anitah Nannozi says:

I love the way you start off your day in prayer and end it with prayer, you are a spirit filled child of God, i like the way you ministered to us about raising children I picked up on that too, to be more tolerant.God bless you.

Nana Ama says:

How old is your youngest son? He is very good at talking

Sexy Damsel says:

Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed this vlog sis

Edima Ndifreke says:

I love the way you groom your children, please how old are they? I'm just asking so I can know when to start grooming my 18 months old.

Kids Show Tv says:

ur children is eating ,,is very good my dont eat

Elorm Bansah says:

My sis it's true ooo.myself I v not start oo.this tolerance issue…hmmmm God help us.πŸ™

ebuddy2cute says:

I love your family God will continue to bless you!! I have a question, do you still speak igbo to your children? I grew up in the U.S. and noticed a lot of us can either understand igbo but can't speak or can't understand at all, I also noticed my cousins that live in Italy can't speak igbo but Italian fluently. I'm a grown up now and trying my best to speak my language and everyday I wish I would have not just learned to understand but speak also.

Kids Show Tv says:

true talk sister ,is not for d bible if dey are sleep dat is when i read my bible .God we help us

Ashley Johnsonb says:

Kaleb is getting so big… I remember when he was so small πŸ’• #TimeFlys #LoveYouGuys

Sexy Damsel says:

My Sherry πŸ… instead of cherry πŸ… Hahahahahaha you speak just like my hubby he's Anambra I always make fun of him he calls rice lice lolz

MrsSilviaAndKids says:

What is your edit application?kinemaster?

Sexy Damsel says:

The boys are both handsome and menh you three look alike chai

Akpobome Success says:

How old is favour

Sexy Damsel says:

Awwwww your daughter Xoxo how cute she even dressed up her bed what a sweet little girl Thanks mom you are raising her right kudos

MrsSilviaAndKids says:

Nice video…why only favour goes to school?

Queenvarieties Channel says:

My prayer for you is that the Lord will keep you and grant you the longest life to reap the Fruits of your Labor. You are virtuous and I love you for that. I love Godly women 🌹🌹😍😍🌺🌺

Sexy Damsel says:

Good morning sis Abeg help me hubby wants to eat garnished coconut rice so do you have any recipe or will you be making some anytime soon if yes Abeg no forget to upload for us your subscribers ooo thanks ooo

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