Stay At Home Mom LYFE

Stay At Home Mom LYFE

Just another day in the life of a stay at home mom! I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of being Evie’s Mama and staying home full time. It”s always been a dream of mine to stay home with my babes so I am SO grateful to be doing so. Today Evie was a little fussy so we went on a walk



Mia Joy says:

Great vlog Hunter! Laundry is never ending in my house?

bubbles6114 Laura says:

2 parts lemon juice 1 part water and dry it in the sun might take a time or 3 but it works

makenzie gold says:

Blue Dawn and Peroxide!!!

Heidi M says:

Puracy stain remover!! My husband makes it at work.. you can get it on amazon!!! It will take anything out!!!! ??

Arika Michelle says:

Love your channel and you're one of the reasons I started one finally. You are beautiful.

katherine burden says:

Use your stroller as the cart.

A Girl Named Hunter says:

Don't forget to follow us on instagram for daily updates! I think I'm going to start posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday on this channel!

Tamela D says:

I love larabars!! The peanut butter chocolate chip ones are the best!!

Lizz Gomez says:

i love your vids. can you do a video of your life before and after the baby? like how much you weigh before and what size youre now. life as a married couple before and after etc. thanks

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