Stay at Home Working Mom with A Newborn + Daddy is Obsessed with his Princess.

Stay at Home Working Mom with A Newborn + Daddy is Obsessed with his Princess.

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HEY everyone! We are a Army Family currently stationed in Alaska. We vlog our day to day lives the good and the bad…but regardless of anything we always try to stay positive and ALWAYS silly and REAL! My name is Kiara and I am a stay at home mom to our baby boys Decorey and Jericho ..expecting our baby girl JUNE 2018..and our dogs Kacey,Chance and Rocky. My husband Desmond (35) is in the U.S Army…We are left Alaska in Dec.2017 and now we are living in Texas… follow us on our journey here in Alaska and to everything else that we will experience! Thanks so much for watching and Please subscribe to join our family !

Thanks so much for watching 😊



Bert Rosales says:

I had to pause the video and tell you that I think baby girl has her daddyes eyes.. Desmond's eyes aren't black or brown on camera at least..they look maybe green/hazel but hella glossy..I always want to comment that but now that you say about the baby!

Saundra Daryab says:

Kalia looks just like Desmond and brothers …she has daddy's cheeks and face shape. Adorable!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Brandy Harrison says:

Des has some strong genes…. lol…. sending love from Cali…

Marlishia Byard says:

aww look how she looking at her mommy to cute

kkimberly2004 says:

I know you're under a microphone when you're on YouTube and you have to watch every little thing you say, but fyi saying "chinky eyed" is very insulting. We've all growned up ignorantly using that term at some point in our lives as Americans, but it's wrong. It is a derogatory term and carries the same weight as using the N-word.

Teresa Lamb says:

kalia looks like her daddy but I do see a little of your mom, LOL she is beautiful I know that for sure. and yeah don't eat at buffets in Killeen those Chinese people are nasty and they don't care if they use old meat and you don't know if they have cat,dog any animal that has meat they will cook, I seen a utube videos people taping those people killing and dragging animals in there Restaurants if you seen them you would never eat Chinese food! Make sure you have date night with your Husband and make special time for him. Y'all are a beautiful family stay Blessed

sunshine Cubs says:

Kaila looks so much like her brothers love the vlogs and u guys

msjuicy ツ says:

I love how Des used to laugh at you doing the baby talk and now he does it too Lol. Her eyes look "grayish" to me but I guess we will see with time.

Sandra πŸ’‹ says:

Kiara she looks like Desmond πŸ’― percent ❀️❀️ she’s has ur hair that’s it lol

Jami Skelton says:

She looks like Dad to me.

Zigrid Ramirez says:

Baby girl is actually obsessed with her daddy. Too precious 😊

Ronda Neighbors says:

I think she looks like your niece also!

Alexa Rodriguez says:

Omg thats sooo cute the way he talks to his daughter😍

dalphine45 says:

I think she looks like Jericho too. I was watching a couple of your old videos last night.
I believe it May 17, 2015 and y'all talked about having a little then. Jericho was a chubby one years old.

RadillaFamm orell says:

She looks just like Dez lol

tiffany thompson says:

Kalia is so beautiful πŸ’—πŸ’— she is the perfect mixture of You and Desmond

Rachael Charles says:

She is so cute 😘😘

Angie A says:

Love your channel! With the huge dream to grow this much! So nice to see how much yall grown

Tamika Phillips says:

She favors her dad for sure. She definitely has Dez cheeks πŸ‘πŸ½

Andrea Becerril says:

I dont know how you do it but power to you! Your baby is sooo cute !! πŸ€—πŸ‘Έ

Patty Lopez says:

Daddies lil princess πŸ‘‘

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