Stay Productive Working From Home {5 tips}

Stay Productive Working From Home {5 tips}

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Halston Sampson says:

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Juliette Holly says:

Getting dressed really helps to get into that work mindset. It's part of the work routine.


Thumbs up if you go to school with sweatpants so it doesn't make a difference?

fromala2U says:

Hi Holly. I just found your channel, you have such a pleasant voice and demeanor I really enjoy watching your videos.

Kim the College Adviser says:

I agree with the idea of getting dressed. It really does help!

Nancy Gurish says:

Wow! I love your office! Beatiful space!
Thanks for sharing. Music as background noise
is a great idea! Like the elevator music in
an office. Thank you!


YouTube is Lonely Work!!

Su M-M says:

Great tips. I also work from home. I give myself 'time slots' to get certain tasks completed…I also enjoy listening to music, usually 'easy listening' or 'classical' if I really need to knuckle down and concentrate on completing a task.x

Dewy Noodle says:

This is so spot on. I'm finding the same thing. Great to have it reinforced, very verrry helpful and encouraging. Thx:)

Elaine White says:

I am a new realtor which means that I work from home this is my own business and I truly have to be dedicated disciplined and focused on my day. I am still looking for true ways to get it all done. My house is always a wreck and the office is always a wreck. Let me know if you have any tips

Fit Mom Life says:

What do you do vocationally from home?

YTE Events and Balloon Decor 813-310-5900 says:

I use an app and apple watch to keep track of tasks and to provide reminders throughout the day.

Courtney Renay says:

I work from home for about 2 years now; I work for a healthcare company. I will definitely use all of your tips! I live in a small space, had to combine my bedroom/office, but like you said, I've found getting dressed & not getting too comfortable, helps a lot w/ me being productive. You've gained a new sub! 🙂 XO

AfroShe says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing! New sub!!

Rosy Rituals says:

I love your videos. You always have such good vibes and I love it. It's like getting all this great information covered in sprinkles lol. I know, it's silly but that's how I feel. Thanks a million 🙂

Kate Mackenzie says:

Helpful thanks

Jannette Hinsley says:

Thank you for the tips

Sandra Torgerson-Gould says:

What do you use to create your videos. Are you doing this yourself?

Cristina Martinez says:

Hi!! I've implemented your Tuesday rule to my business and it has helped SO MUCH. I'm adding in a few others as time goes on, but this has been so great thus far <3. Thank you for sharing.

Alexa Katherine says:

Love how you say things (sounds weird) but you just seem like a friend giving your opinion not abrasive or a know it all.. It was refreshing! Thanks for the video and tips

Neva Williamson says:

So true I really don't have free time in my day anymore either

Chetan Joshi says:

Thanks so much for video. I work from home as well and will try to implement some of these great tips. 🙂

Kelly Fortier says:

Subscribed! I love all your videos… I love all your tips. Plugging in my radio today in my room/office perse'. #2 the sweatpants- I just couldn't get motivated and started putting on comfy clothes and it actually works. Now I get stuff done and not sleep all day… Take care and Good Luck with your Business.
Thanks so much for your tips. I def needed them. Thanks for sharing n making this video n all the rest that you have. Stay sweet! From a newbie!

Divergence says:

Thanks for the tips. 😀 I always find it hard to be productive at home, I'll give these tips a try.

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