Stefan Molyneux Why You Should Be A Stay At Home Mom

Stefan Molyneux Why You Should Be A Stay At Home Mom

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Maritza Perrault says:

So where do you find men that are ok with this? I would love to know.

Sorrowfairiewhisper says:

I'm a female and i'm all for mothers being stay at home parents, rather then let some stranger raise your baby. I like to know what are peoples thoughts on home schooling? if I ever have kids, I plan for them to be taught at home as well as spend more time with them, rather then putting a career first.

Ashley Taylor says:

Great video very good points, hilarious as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

poppabear666 says:

Why not a stay at home Dad?

motingo22 says:

Stay single and be free,

anaั—s lake says:

excellent! permaculture homeschool mom!

Thystaff Thywill says:

The problem is that a lot of men are disenfranchised from getting the education needed to get a good career to support a family. Thanks to feminism and affirmative action they give away scholarships, and aid for women, but the guy has to be either an athlete or score a really high GPA to get the same benefits. This in turn creates a divide between men and women who want a traditional family. Women automatically want a provider to be a stay at home mom. Men want a stay at home wife but may be unable to sustain a family due to the circumstances at the time. Women don't look at what's possible anymore, they only look at the here and now. If a man doesn't have the income she'll pass him by without a second thought. Then these women end up being 40 and alone.

notsorusty626 says:

My daughter just started senior kindergarten and I had a chance to talk to some of the other mothers when school commenced for the year…
I am the ONLY Mom that stays home with their children. I am the ONLY Mom that refuses to put her child in full day kindergarten- I pick her up before lunch because I don't believe children should be "institutionalized" for a full day at the tender age of 5!
And now that I have been listening (for a few months) to Stefan lecture…I'm seriously considering homeschooling. I want my children to grow up to think for themselves!

Aurel says:

save money marry someone that has saved money too. Buy a house together, then you only have to worry about living costs.

Critical Thinker says:

Well said. As a woman, I agree 101% ๐Ÿ™‚

Lottie R. says:

If we move to France, I can be a stay at home mom.
Which I hope it works out.
I want to have lots of white babies.

Vern H says:

and then she doesn't feel fulfilled in her marriage and pulls the pin and divorces the poor schlub. Divorce.corp rules tons of support for her and the kids for life. Works for her, not sure about him.

Sara Denko says:

I wish Stefan was my dad

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