Still Looking For A Work From Home Job? STOP Doing These 5 Things…

Still Looking For A Work From Home Job? STOP Doing These 5 Things…

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Lovely Lasean says:

Hello everyone, these are some simple things that can get in the way of you getting a work from home job. Of course this doesn't apply to everyone. 😊 Are you guilty of any of these things? Or have you ever been guilty of these things in the past?

Katrina Jefferson says:

Thanks so much for this information I love researching for new work from home opportunities. So glad I subscribed to your channel. Keep them coming lol God bless!

GigglesnGaggie says:

Excellent advice, absolutely true! Thank you for this information.😊

Cassandra Kirksey says:

Thanks for sharing. Great info. Love your channel. 😊👍

Nikki red says:

❤❤❤❤❤ This Video very informative, Honest and Helpful. Thank you very much and I truly appreciate it.😊

Dee Rena222 says:

Excellent advice !Thanks a million for your time and great insight! Truly enjoy your videos! Much love and blessings to you!

rose dickerson says:

what are the reason you will get rejected from VIPKIDS? are they seeking educational experience? my friend has a masters (neither in education though)

Gennie H says:

Thanks so much for your time and effort that you put in researching and making your videos. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work from home and it's because of your videos and me following up on the leads that you have given us. If you ever thought your work was in vain, I'm here to tell you it's not. You're truly making a difference.

Nola Roberts says:

Glassdoor to check she is so right been doing this for years everything is not a scam. Everything she says is totally correct.

Lenice Thomas says:

Thank you for the information. Many people are truly lazy. I found you and other things I was searching for because I was putting in the time to research

Candy B says:

Good tips. It definitely takes work and you have to update your resume. Teenagers do need their parents around too.

Courtney Goudeau says:

I needed this! Thanks

Lisa Pierce says:

That’s nice information about the resume. I would not have thought of that at all. Thanks for that information. And what she is talking about as far as the wages is sooo freaking true because I travel to get to my job and for food and also I have to catch the train and that’s money as well so I would definitely keep on applying so that the money I do make, hmph thats all mine and not to travel from bus to train to bus again and spending money for food when I’m already at the house

Pamela Richardson says:

I LOVE this video! Thanks so much.

BRAND NEW715 says:

Great video!!!!

Pj Danita says:

Such a great message not to let fear hold us back. That's a blessing that you were able to be home during those critical teenage years!

frances scott says:

You make a lot of good points.

Tonya Bullock says:

Great tips!

Simone irie says:

Some people want u to spoon feed them everything!!

Rose Dubwa says:

You look beautiful, and your hair 😍 where you get it from??

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