Summer Morning Routine| Stay at Home Mom

Summer Morning Routine| Stay at Home Mom

Today’s video is a Summer Morning Routine Stay at Home MOM collab with my friend, Kim, from Style Mom XO. Please be sure to check out her Summer Morning Routine after you watch this!

Style Mom XO:

Kim’s Summer Morning Routine Video:

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Allison R says:

What bronzer are you using? I'm very fair like you

Andrea Worley says:

This is great, I love the "paper time!" I've been asking my kids to read this summer and it's been going well reading and earning rewards. Loved watching your routine.

Sharon Thibault says:

This is was so my morning when my oldest were younger! We have baseball and other summer Rec activities a lot of mornings now.

Kristi DaSilva says:

you're definitely "mom goals" for me. love it. you're wonderful!!!

Ana Rosa Campos says:

I love that shirt! where did you get it from?

lindseys lifeNstyle says:

Great video mama!! I've always got my kids summer work books too!

Amy Tomik says:

I love how much you do with the kids in the mornings! You still get things done but you make time for them too. That's AWESOME! ?

Just Twinning! says:

You are also so pretty!

Just Twinning! says:

I just watched Kimberly's Summer Routine and I wanted to check out your channel! I already subbed and put on notifications! I already love your channel! Thanks for being patient with her! (She told me to say that!)

Style Mom XO says:

You are so sweet, thank you for the kind words! Seeing your video reminds me I need to drink more water!!! ?

The Kitchen Wife says:

I'm sharing this one with my sister. I think this routine would fit her lifestyle so well with her three boys! Thanks so much for sharing!

Mommyonthegoplustwo says:

Love these type of videos and cute top ??

Christine Loechel says:

Awwww, your such a fun mom and so beautiful!!!?

Jenn K. says:

I love your floral and striped top! Where is it from? You are so fun to watch. Thank you for being such a bright light!

Audra K. says:

Picked up some great ideas for my own stay at home mom morning routine!! I'm loving your new content!!?

Ella says:

Awww I love it!! very fun morning routine…

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