In today’s vlog, I share the organizing process of the front closet and moving into our laundry room. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with projects, so I share about that as well! Thanks for watching!

Hi! I’m Crystal, a stay-at-home-mom to 4 kids (including 2 year old twins). We live in the Midwest and enjoy sharing parts of our life with you! Thanks so much for being a part my channel. 💜


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karlaann14 says:

What's the difference between gel and regular stain? Do you not need to sand first!?

Jessica Bentley says:

I have twin 2 year old boys. They are the same way with balls. Even with identical balls they know which one is theirs 🤣

Amy Johnson says:

You def deserve a break from projects! Just a tip for board games that I learned from an organizing blog…try storing them vertically instead of stacking them. It has really helped to keep our game closet organized!

Katie Pearson says:

Your laundry room turned out amazing! You work so fast on your projects I am always so amazed. Glad you are taking the time for a little break

Karen Manning says:

I have been meaning to tell you Crystal that because of your excellent organizing skills, I learned from you that taking everything out of a cabinet or a closet FIRST, then going through it all and deciding what to put back is the best way to purge. I have always just gone through a cabinet or closet looking at everything one piece at a time, but never even thought of pulling everything out first to look at what I had. Duh Karen! It seems like such a no-brainer but it never occurred to me….no wonder it was taking me so long to get through one cabinet! With my new found knowledge, I was able to help my friend clean out some of her cabinets and purge stuff a couple weeks ago . My friend said she had never thought of taking everything out first either; and she was thrilled with how quickly the process went! So, I gave you all the credit and say a big thank you!

orsie200 says:

We live in Iowa, and this winter has been so stressful, Crystal. I know you are going through similar stuff. It’s certainly OK to ease up and take a break. You need one. We all need one. I hope you’ll take good care of yourself. You are very inspirational to your subscribers too. Thanks for working so hard. ❤️

Anna Debski says:

Everything looks amazing, you deserve a break! Btw, where did you purchase that home sign thats under your tv? 😊

Joanna K says:

Your home is looking amazing!

Kelly Jo McG says:

I know this was last week, did you get a blizzard overnight? We were supposed to, we got several inches of snow….and it's blowing all over the place now, but I wouldn't consider it a "blizzard". Granted I have also driven a whopping 1 mile today….so maybe it's worse further out? I'm down in Iowa so I feel like our weather is usually the same, sometimes you guys gets systems we don't, but not often…babble babble lol. Just found it comical the timing if you got a blizzard now too.

Also you deserve this break! I say pick it back up when the weather changes from snow to rain. 😉

PS Andrew reminds me so much of my 2 yr old. I have that attitude daily. He even looked at the screen thinking it was him when Andrew was yelling about gogurt. 😂 Your kiddos are so so cute.

Jenny Kinas says:

I love your idea of having that portable island to bring out for more counter space for parties, etc. Our local Walmart has the grocery pick up. We have used it twice so far and LOVE it!

Aries Forever says:

You've done a great job

val pat says:

You should definitely move all those games in the closet to the basement play room

mandamommyy says:

You give me so much motivation to get organized!


oh my goodness, everything looks AMAZING!!! you DESERVE a break!!

Dayna Safranek says:

You have accomplished so much!!! Just since you began with the kitchen the changes you and your husband have made have made your home look so different. You especially. Enjoy your quiet time and being a mom without a paintbrush for a while. You are such an amazing mom and lady! 😊

Mommyonthegoplustwo says:

You get so much accomplished, I hope you got some rest. 😴

Tina Riddell says:

I absolutely love your mud/laundry room!! You and hubby did an amazing job!! This might be a crazy idea but could your old coat/shoe closet become the new pantry?

kristy locklear says:

I literally took a deep breath before watching the video cause I thought you was taking a break from YouTube😱🙈🙌🏼but now I know you meant projects lol, I absolutely love watching your videos

Denise ValenteMcGee says:

I’m on the same mission….trying to reorganize closets, pantry, bathroom, laundry room, etc. Seems you clean one area and when you try to move those things to another area you need to reorganize that one! A vicious circle! It will wait, for sure! Enjoy the kiddos… they grow up so fast! There will always be “stuff” to do! Take care!

Caroline Romano says:

What are your tips for the gel stain? We recently put in a fiberglass front door because the sun was warping our wood door. We used gel stain to give it a wood look, but it is so patchy. What did we do wrong?! LOL

Style Mom XO says:

That’s how I felt I just wanted a break and no tools and projects going on.

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