The 12 Keys to Finally Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing + Live Q&A

The 12 Keys to Finally Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing + Live Q&A

In this video I talk about the 12 keys to help you finally make money online with affiliate marketing.

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Oscar Felix says:

Hey Dan curious about your book collection IF they have to do with content/internet marketing could you post the titles TIA

harrisdoodle says:

Hi Dan, in this video I heard you mention how 200-300 word articles aren't enough but in the Deadbeat system it seems that you recommend doing the opposite. Could you provide some clarity on this?

Ben F says:

i like the tutorials more

Guitarisms says:

Just started out and gonna give it a real shot. Thanks Dan for making sense of it all for me.

Tanner J Fox says:


Work To Invest says:

now that was funny when you told that person "I bet you are broke"

cool videos

TD_Tell_Em says:

I like the live streams for the interaction but your pre recorded content is always good too.

You seem nervous in the live streams but I understand how that can get a little nerve wracking at times.

Charles Greenstein says:

Hello and apologies for missing live q&a,if at all possible I was curious if you could spare a minute for a total noob in this game at your convenience. Thanks in advance. -Charles G.

Steven Rodriguez says:

Live streams

Young Living says:

The King of Content does it again! Thanks for always sharing vital value to fellow affiliates man! – Young

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