The Affiliate Marketing Strategy That Earned Me $30,000 In 22 Days!

The Affiliate Marketing Strategy That Earned Me $30,000 In 22 Days!

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In this video I outline the importance of creating an online presence to be successful at affiliate marketing. If you do not have a following, a big youtube channel or an email list, you can always start now!

Remember, they key is to focus on a certain niche, document your journey, become an expert.

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diston2009 says:

Do you have to pay taxes on the money you earn?

Steven Spielman says:

James is just one of many to inspire me to start my own YT Channel and to start affiliate marketing! I want to say thank you and keep up the good work!

C. White says:

There's no such thing as a "Get Rich Quick."
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Alex Armani says:

hi can u guide me

Aquirius Aqua says:

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Ross Hunter says:

Free how to make money on Amazon Ebook

Brianne Hanedanian says:

Hey! How do I make an appointment with you to chat about the marketing? I am SOOO interested and SO ready to get started. Thank you.

AVERIONUS. mn says:

hello , I have been watchin your video 7 times by now .I must say you are awesome dude. But still I fully can't understand 1 one thing . Could you tell me about diffrents between clickbank and amazon marketplace ? how they pay us.

Ofelia Villamil says:

Can i do that while living in mexico?

rambull Jr says:

What was the secret? Buy the course?

Lacey Joy says:

Contribute to the community first, thanks! I feel like I am learning that now at a good time, BEFORE i launch my aff. website 🙂 You da bomb!

Monii Monii says:

Very nice video I loved it

Dominic Lombardo says:

James how do i get involved? I believe i have a great foundation to start with just need some coaching or guidance.

Dung Vo says:

I love what you talk about. It comes from huge love I think

DashdumzVEVO says:

I applied to join your group.
My name – Akshit Shetty

President Obama says:

This guy looks like Dillion Harper. Look her up. Trust me

Amber Swaney says:

Wanna learn how to make money fast with Affiliate Marketing? Click the link below and get courses.

J. Hazelip says:

Are your numbers gross revenue or net profit? How much of that 30k goes into your pocket?

Rocky Salga says:

Amazon fba better then ebay??

Austin Mosley says:

start making money in just 2 hours

orlanflor says:

what do you sell and where do you get your suppliers

Bagad Billa says:

Straight come to the point at 02:45

Unreal Productions says:

ur smile says enough c:

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