The Nuts and Bolts of Starting Your Own Business

The Nuts and Bolts of Starting Your Own Business

In this week’s episode, we’re talking business. More specifically, we’re detailing exactly what it takes to start and run your own business.

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0:03:09 – Tom and Martin’s experiences with entrepreneurship
0:10:02 – The different types of businesses
0:25:12 – Managing your income and expenses
0:28:20 – Doing the taxes for your business
0:35:35 – Handling the contracts yourself or hiring a professional
0:39:02 – Sponsor: StoryBlocks (Graphic design assets)
0:42:18 – Viewing a business as a funnel
0:49:00 – Knowing your target audience and commanding respect
0:52:21 – Applying the funnel concept to advertising
0:57:39 – How to get funding for your business
1:02:28 – Conclusion


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Khoshekh says:

I just have to ask, what does the sticker at the top right of your laptop say in it's teeth?? I've been trying to figure it out through the whole podcast and it's absolutely killing me 😭

ecvp123 says:

I like the content of this episode but I don't get why is it a podcast episode instead of a blog post. I feel kind of bad for Martin since he's just sitting there not saying much

Andrea Vigil says:

will you be bringing speakers onto the podcast again anytime soon? i’ve been listening to the first few podcast episodes lately. also would love to hear more from a woman speaker. it took 24 episodes for me to listen to to finally get to a successful woman giving us advice. thanks.

samuraichameleon says:

You don't need to be an accounting student to volunteer for VITA, actually. Not in California anyway. Anyone can sign up, and there are training sessions.

Simon Shackelford says:

I noticed this isn't cut or anything, so wouldn't it be a good idea to live stream this initially? I am always eager to watch these so that would make it even better. You could even delay the release of the video version so you could still have a consistent release schedule. But this way, people like me who don't care for consistency just get to see it right away. If not, I'm curious why you chose not too. Thanks. Love this stuff

Doreen Dee says:

Dude. Employees can be held to non-compete agreements. Contractors can't.

Clay Shippy says:

Can you talk a little bit about the cost associated with an LLC or even a Corporation. And what are the on going costs – like is there a yearly fee to the State etc.

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