The Story of Mike Vestil: Digital Nomad, Shopify Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing

The Story of Mike Vestil: Digital Nomad, Shopify Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing

In this video, I sit down with fellow entrepreneur Mike Vestil, best known for his huge YouTube channel discussing topics like Shopify dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, and more. Mike embraces the “digital nomad” lifestyle as he earns money all the way from Bali while traveling to new countries every year.

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Shopify Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing in 2018 are great opportunities for beginners looking to work from home and make money online with relatively little upfront investment. Mike Vestil and I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is a beautiful business model for beginners who are looking for a business model that is quickly scalable without requiring thousands of dollars of capital like Amazon FBA.




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Awesome video ODi!! 🙂

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imitate before you innovate

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I like your mindset .. I do affiliate marketing in Greece… very nice interview!

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My dream is to be like Odi, Mike, Kevin & Graham when I grow up

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