[Time Sensitive] Work at Home Summit Starts Soon!

[Time Sensitive] Work at Home Summit Starts Soon!

My work from home journey started in 2012. I needed to find a way to support myself and two daughters and since I live in a small town with no decent jobs it was pretty much my only option. (Besides working 80 hours per week, of course.)

It was a rocky road at first and took me just about a year to be able to quit my day job and go full-time.

Taking control of my career was, hands-down, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I won’t lie and say that working from home is a piece of cake or that I haven’t went through rough patches. The truth is getting started took a ton of effort on my part and I’ve went through a few rough patches.

But now I feel like I’m in control.

If I get to the point where I need to make more money I’ll go and secure some freelance clients because I know how. That is job security.

If you’ve been wanting to create your own career, need some guidance, or are just plain ole curios about your options there’s a Summit starting Monday that is jam packed full of awesome people with awesome advice.

What is The Work at Home Summit?

The Work at Home Summit is a six day event with over 45 expert speakers. It runs from January 29th to February 3rd. And it’s 100% free.

Some speakers I’m looking forward to are:

  • Rosemarie @ The Busy Budgeter (1/29) How to Find, Budget For, and Pursue a WAH Job
  • Angie @ The Work from Home Wife (1/31) Remote Work Success
  • Gina @ Horkey Handbook (1/31) Virtual Assistant Basics Done Right
  • Janet @ TranscribeAnywhere (1/31) Transcription How-To
  • Alinka Rutkowska (2/1) Book Marketing and Self-Publishing
  • Jamie @ AMZ Insiders (2/1) Amazon Selling &eCommerce
  • Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents (2/1) Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Janet LeBlanc (2/2) Understanding Accounting and Taxes

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can see all the speakers and topics here. There’s a whole lot being covered by people who know what they’re talking about and this is FREE.

This is the most diverse work from home event I’ve seen thus far. If you’re interested in attending you can register here for the free Work at Home Summit.

(If you’re not able to attend the session you want to watch you’ll have 48 hours after the session to watch it.)

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