Top 5 Tips: Start Your Own Basic Detailing Business! – Chemical Guys

Top 5 Tips: Start Your Own Basic Detailing Business! – Chemical Guys

Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash, grow your business or new to detailing; we’ve got you covered! Nothing can come close to the happiness and excitement that one feels when they decide to go into business for themselves. You see a bright light at the end of the tunnel that is finally attainable for you. The truth is it was there all along. Just step out of your comfort zone and YOU WILL BE A BUSINESS OWNER!!! The question is… Do you know what it takes to be successful? In today’s video we want to unlock your potential and get you to a place where you will one day say “I am the proud owner of a successful business.”

Nick has set aside 5 products to start a basic mobile detailing business for those who are ready to take charge of their life and become their own boss.
➜ EcoSmart Waterless Wash and Wax

➜ Butter Wet Wax

➜ Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant

➜ V.R.P. Water-based Dressing

➜ Workhorse Microfiber Towel (Green)
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Rami Kaja says:

Thank you for the tips. I have been looking for a video like this for a while🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Savannah Brown says:

I really wanna start one. Just don't know where I would go to for the detailing to look professional I know doing it at my house might not be the best thing

Fernando Romero says:

Great products awesome results just need that eco smart wash for use between washes 💯👌 great videos to keep em coming chemical guys family all the way


Not trying to sound creepy. But I like listening to this guy. His got a very slow and calm voice. And I love that fact that he is so detailed when explaining certain products. 👍👍👍👍 Great job guys! I haven't tried any of ur products yet, but I'm very eager to do so soon enough.

Erns cards says:

I have some ?'s I just got a new used 2015 BMW 528i and black on black of course bad ass color but damn it's always dirty and in I can see a bunch of old swirl marks. I'm in Texas we're it's always hot. I'm looking for some advice, product suggestions and guidance. Looking to get a complete list of products needed to make the unit loom as good as she should. Thank u in advance for the help. I've been checking the tube and damn there's alot of crap out there. I saw your gear and it caught my eye.

badshodi says:

Very useful and simple Thank you

Joe Luis says:

started using chemical guys on my customers cars help alot especially for simple things which makes things the best, glad I found y'all 2 years ago after my improper car cleaning i took from others who don't know what to do lol

Noe' Ben Yasharal says:

This is how I started, it works you get what you put into it… I've washed cars, bikes, trucks and cans all over the city of Compton, Gardena and South Central Los Angeles right there on the spot…the people love it! #LEGACY

Mike Draws says:

Can you make a video using these products?

Aaron 1530091 gaming and reaction says:

There is a poster behind you name smart wax. Who is smart wax?

TheRequiemist says:

Great tips great video. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 looking forward to more.

HUSSAINR31 says:

You can a shipping to Saudi KSA ?

Steven Edwards says:

@chemicalguys keep up the grind!

Shane Crawford says:

You forgot the application pads for the wax and vrp

jmaslin says:

Y'all got enough spray bottles behind you?? LOL

socksare Harder says:

Correct me if my order is incorrect
1st step: compounding/wet sanding
2nd step: polishing
3rd step: glazing
4th step: waxing
5th step: sealing, coating

Home Fry says:

I’m trying to start getting serious for the summer but people don’t want to pay money in my area. Nothing worth while. It’s all low balling like 50, 60 bucks in an area where it’s sent rural. So I burn most of that money in gas. It’s super annoying

Ever Hernandez says:

More mobile detailing videos!! Thanks guys!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Cris Pichardo says:

When you are done polishing with v38 do you have to do VSS?

M4R7INEZ says:

Hey, great vid! Can you do a video on how to clean headliners?

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