Truth About Affiliate Marketing In 2017

Truth About Affiliate Marketing In 2017

Inside today’s video I discuss the truth about affiliate marketing in 2017. You do not want to miss this…

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Affiliate marketing in 2017 has been very different than in previous years. With all the improvements in social media and all the people getting into affiliate marketing, there has definitely been some great changes to this business.

Inside this video I talk about how to do affiliate marketing the right way. A lot of people make some of the most common affiliate marketing mistakes and I don’t want you to be one of those people. What you need to consider is that as an affiliate you can’t just put your links online and wait for people to click on them, you need to have a plan as to why they should click on your affiliate links.

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HomemadeEntrepreneur says:

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Snag Success says:

WHAT!?!?! How did she get FREE traffic from blog? Lets assume if she didn't do facebook posts would she have still made money?

Money is Awesome says:

What I can recommend from my personal experience is avoid "get rich quick" mindset and start working long term. This way you will start making money FASTER!!! I spent years trying to start making money as soon as possible, trying different methods within affiliate marketing. Now I am looking at it, I was like a dog chasing my own tail. Only after I changed my mindset, put all the "get rich quick" bullshit aside and started working on something sustainable and long term, money started coming in faster than I expected. If only I knew that few years.

Snag Success says:

Did she do paid ads for traffic or was it free traffic? if it was free traffic was SEO? Was she doing email marketing?

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