Welcome to my TWIN + TODDLER MORNING ROUTINE | STAY AT HOME MOM EDITION!! I am so excited to share this with you! Having twins and a toddler is CRAZY at times but I really just try to go with the flow! During the summer we are usually inside because it is HOT here in GA! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out Courtney’s video!!


Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Courtney Danielle says:

Your videos are always on point girl! This was fun! Love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

Alexis Burch says:

I'm so glad I can actually relate to you unlike most who make me feel I'm not doing near as I should mom of 3boys who are 2 and 11weeks old twins.

LaFave Life says:

Your so pretty!

Simply Soto says:

I do the same thing with my blinds every morning, I feel like it just lifts the mood in the house.

Marshadietcokea says:

Taking a shower is definitely not an every day occurrence for this mama either!!

Tisha&Lorenzo Plus4 says:

#MommyOfMultiplesLife. lol Changing diapers and making bottles all day. ? I mean every momma will go through it but when you have 2 or more its double everything lol and I swear it doesn't stop my girls are now 16 months and have been getting their molars in oh my they poop left And right about 8 diapers a day each and that's just poop. lol So hopefully once all their teeth pop out its should slow down a bit. I loved this video. ❤ your editing skills are on point girl ! ? Keep up the good work. Its nice to find other twin mommies out there who i can relate to. I really don't have much people to talk to. So Thank you. ?

Jacey Davis says:

I have said all my life that I want to have a set of twin boys. l found your channel a few weeks ago and you have been an insperation to me.

p.s. you are very pretty,and you kids are so cute

Summer Cordova says:

I'd love to wake up to those cutie faces every morning? I'm only 16 and I have such mommy fever?

Karyn Pedersen says:

I love this video as well as Courtney's,Both of you are such good mommy's.

Lisa's Paradise says:

I found you through Courtney Daniel..
I love her channel so I wanted to check yours out..
So I subscribed..
Love your video…
You have your hands full. It takes a very special person to be so compassionate with their children..
My 3 kids are grown and I did it it on my own and i wouldnt change it..
I have 3 granddaughters that I have alot and I taught for many years..
I was a nanny for 3 month 1 month old twins they are a year now.
Kids brighten my day.
Your a great mommy. Thanks for sharing..

Alyssa Brown says:


Alyssa Brown says:

Still no shoutout

briannas life says:

great video I'm a new subscriber so glad I found your channel

Jamie Countway says:

You are such an amazing Mom to your kids! Hugs

Meredith Proshuto says:

The first song got to me! Excellent music choice ❤️

Britton Owens says:

Great video as always Kayla!

Mackenzie Robinson says:

I love watching your videos… I am also a mom of 3 but to ALL boys! lol

1CrazyFamily says:

Great Job Girl!! Did a fantastic job on the editing…. i wish mine was this good. Have a great weekend

Lora Turner says:

Eeeeww "coffee gross!" Haha JK great vlog I can't get over how adorable Olivia is.

Corena Calderon says:

Sorry I meant too say Kayla.

Corena Calderon says:

Courtney what kind of chocolate do you add too your coffee? That looks good. Thanks

Mama Madi says:

Okay, so that breakfast looked SO GOOD?
I love morning and night routine videos! You and Courtney did a great job!?

The Lady and the Cripple says:

I've never been much of a breakfast person either. My husband goes in spurts where he'll cook in the mornings for us before I head off to work. I never cook breakfast. I've never mastered eggs. Or maybe they just taste better when someone makes them. Haha.

Brandy Hagler says:

I can't go a day without a shower. When there taking there naps I would be in the shower lol.

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