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Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by! A little bit about me and my channel…

»I married my college sweetheart on July 16, 2016.
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»We soon found out we were pregnant with our daughter Annabelle Rose.
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I talk about a mixture of lifestyle topics on my channel and blog involving motherhood, marriage, parenting, fashion, and beauty!



Mamabear829 V says:

I think the longer you wait to have kids the harder it is! I wanted kids so bad but I dont think anything can prepare you for the reality after the baby is born! Definitely felt better after my second. They are close in age so Im getting that baby stage over with and they can play with each other soon enough and it will make it easier on me not having to entertain as much!

The Red Balloon says:

I think she is just trying to copy you. You talk to that camera a lot so she might think that is what you are supposed to do!!!

Jazmin Camarillo says:

It's a little controversial, but you can try a walker. My baby is 7 months old and loves it, she scoots all over the kitchen while i cook…I've heard mixed things about it, but hey, whatever works for you and your baby! I think it really built up her little leg muscles and she is a crawling machine!

Kelsey Barrow says:

Try Eden's garden oils! They are therapeutic grade (very important), in expensive and great quality. I usually buy mine from Amazon. I also like Young Living but they are a lot more expensive.

TheReigningBeauty says:

Do you watch Bringing up Bates? Could you ever see yourself being a mom of 19?

Sierra Marie says:

omg Hayley! You NEED to get essential oils. Get an oil diffuser. I swear to you they changed my life! You just need to make sure that they are 100% pure oil of whatever flavor you buy. If they are not they can be very harmful. I buy mine on amazon they are ridiculously cheaper on there. Where I live it's about $10 for a bottle the size of my pinky and on amazon it's the same brand literally 50X the size for the same price. I really recommend the brand "NOW". Those ones are 100% and they are sold in all the health stores, it's a really good quality brand. If you buy a janky brands (i've done in the past) it clogs your oil diffuser and basically they are useless. I swear to you they changed my life. If I have a headache I put one on, stressed, don't feel good, anxiety. Literally anything at all. It sounds crazy but they really do lift your mood. One that I never really hear people talking about are the citrus ones. I seriously love those. The orange, lemon and lime ones I love for my kitchen or really anywhere. But those ones in particular really do lift my mood, every single time. If I'm having really bad anxiety which I often get I use orange and I swear in one second I feel just like the biggest weight off my shoulders, it sounds crazy but I shit you not the anxiety goes away. Lavender is really relaxing and great in the bedroom for sleeping. I'm very passionate about them, if you have any questions I'd love to chat! You can shoot me an email if you'd like 🙂

Yovi S says:

Love you new fall intro ?

Kathy Gomez says:

You shouldn't leave your phone or your laptop by your daughters head or food it's proven that radiation comes off those devices .

Chauntihanna Fawaz says:

I wish I thought of pre recording some vlogs, its day 3 and I'm already getting lazy haha.

beforeverlovely says:

So happy you're doing vlogtober!! I wanted to comment on the topic of when/if you'll get the urge to have a second baby. My daughter is 6 now and we are just now pregnant and due with our second child in January. I personally didn't get the urge to have another baby until this past year, but it hit me hard that I for sure wanted another child and was ready! The term baby fever is very real! lol before that though, I didn't have any urges to have another child and I went through periods of time I was certain our daughter was going to be our only one.

Sierra Marie says:

Hayley I have a dead serious question. When Annabelle waves at people in the stores do you like when they wave/talk to her? I'm a 22 year old girl, right. And kids for some reason always always wave and talk to me sometimes even follow me in the stores hahahaha. I swear almost every parent if I say hi back to their kid, they give me an evil eye and look at me like I'm some creep! I swear! I'm just a young girl, I'm clean I dress nice hahaha theres nothing creepy about me. Is it just a protective parent thing? Because I feel really wrong ignoring kids but I almost feel like I should I mean parents legit will stare at me and push the cart away hahaha. Is this an everyone thing? Just me? Where I live? I've always wanted to know and when you said Annabelle was waving at everybody and nobody knew what she was doing remind me hahaha.

The Porters says:

My baby girl is due in 5 weeks and I've been going back and watching all of your pregnancy updates lol. Your right there is no right time to have a baby. My husband and I got pregnant a few months before planned and now he is deployed and will miss her birth. So many things can come up for anyone.

Ava Elizabeth says:

I feel you about social media! I love posting to YouTube but I am so overwhelmed with Instagram specifically. If you figure out what works for you, I would LOVE to see a video about it!

ashley bailie says:

yah love mom daughter outfits of the day xx

Hayley Humphrey says:

Young living all the way. They’re the only ones that are 100% essential oil! They’re amazing for you!!

Carrie Pakulat says:

Not a mom yet but I'm a full time nanny and wife so your vlogs still inspire me 🙂 especially the cleaning tips Andover Dave Ramsey because of you guys haha also I really love essential oils for cleaning, immunity, and diffusing or using on different parts of the body for energy, relaxation etc. also I use Doterra since it's very good quality and a lot cheaper than young living 🙂

Sarah Crawford says:

Hey Hayley! My daughter is not properly crawling yet either & her first birthday is next week. Some people are saying in the comments that it's because you don't put her down, but I'm sure that you do plenty, and also my baby hangs out on the floor all day (if we're at home & she's not eating in her chair, she's on the floor). If she does have a gross motor delay, it's not your fault!! Do make sure she has lots of floor time obviously, but don't blame yourself. Is she getting evaluated by Early Intervention? We got our baby evaluated at 10 months because she had just started rolling over & wasn't crawling/transitioning to sitting/not moving like she's trying to take steps when held in standing etc. She turned out to be significantly behind in gross motor (at a 6 month level) as well as social & cognitive (at 7 month level). She's currently working with a physical therapist 2x a week & we have seen improvements. She just started a kind of army crawling by pulling at the ground/carpet with both hands & kicking both feet together over this past weekend!!! Yea! We'll have a somewhat mobile baby for her birthday!! She still has a long way to go & it is soo stressful & worrying. If you have her evaluated I hope you talk about it on your channel as there is VERY little good videos on youtube about early intervention & outcomes etc. Casey Ferguson just did one about her daughter's evaluation, but she turned out good & didn't need services. Anyway, you can call the EI in your state to get an evaluation yourself if you want, you do not need a Dr. referral.

finfan337 says:

Omg Annabelle waving is so stinking cute! So excited for daily vlogs!

Sarah Mikelait says:

Do young living essential oils!! They are seriously so good and so potent. They work so well!

Erin Reed says:

When she was waving at the camera I died. Omg. She's so adorable!!!

Keyondria C. says:

Comment of the day: Hey, Hayley & Doug! Quick question, this is probably because I'm so paranoid, but I noticed that you guys keep your front door open during the day and at night, do you ever worry about your safety doing that?

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